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Latest Headlines

Verizon touts 12 tuners with launch of FiOS Quantum video media servers

With the rollout of new home video gateways from Arris, Verizon is introducing FiOS Quantum TV as a new brand for its cable programming service.

Dish Network rolls 8-tuner Super Joey DVR

Dish Network has launched its new Super Joey DVR, which expands the number of programs subscribers can record simultaneously to eight.

RCN gets Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo with Opera TV launch on TiVo boxes

RCN is beginning to offer subscribers with TiVo set-tops the ability to access HTML5 apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo on TV.

Virgin Media reaches 2M TiVo subscribers

Virgin Media said Wednesday that it reached the milestone of 2 million subscribers using TiVo DVRs and multiscreen video software.

Arris reveals new Time Warner Cable super DVR in FCC filing

Time Warner Cable's new super DVR is the Arris IP805-M set-top, according to an FCC document obtained by FierceCable. A spokesman confirmed that the unit is the new six-tuner DVR that TWC plans to deploy later this year in New York and Los Angeles.

Comcast prepares to launch network DVR in Boston

Comcast will soon flip the switch on a network-based DVR similar to the product Cablevision launched in 2010, SVP and GM of Video Services Matt Strauss told  FierceCable  Tuesday.

Esser: Cox hooking 40,000 Contour subs monthly

Cox Communications is deploying its new "Record 6" DVR  in about 40,000 subscriber homes monthly, President Patrick Esser said last week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Dish Network builds 'virtual Joey' app for LG connected TVs

LAS VEGAS-- Dish Network subscribers will soon be able to watch recorded programs on connected TVs from LG without using a set-top, the company announced on Sunday.

Flipping through the top 6 super DVRs

Not all DVRs are alike, and DVRs have evolved in terms of capabilities in recent years. FierceCable has counted down the top six DVRs on the market, whose multiple tuners and tons of storage space set them apart from the rest. Special report

Nielsen: On-demand becoming the way to watch TV

Watching live TV is still a viable option, but on-demand viewing, and especially the ability for consumers to watch content "on their own terms," is now playing a major role in how U.S. viewers consume television, the latest research data from Nielsen said.