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Latest Headlines

Verizon sets West Roxbury as Boston's first FiOS neighborhood

Verizon has named West Roxbury as the first destination for its FiOS FTTH buildout plan in Boston, following the results of the telco's campaign for residents to pre-register for service. Beginning in September, Verizon will start building out network facilities in the northwest section of the community, and the first customer will be connected at the end of the year.

Verizon asked by panel to modify FiOS speed, picture quality claims

Verizon has been asked by the National Advertising Review Board to revise a number of its FiOS ads following a complaint by Comcast.

Verizon's Silliman on creating regulatory balance for special access, privacy, net neutrality

Whether it is special access, net neutrality, the recent labor strike, or shedding wireline assets to Frontier, Craig Silliman, EVP of Public Policy and General Counsel of Verizon, has a full plate. Sean Buckley, senior editor of FierceTelecom, caught up with Silliman during the TIA 2016 trade show in Dallas to talk about the pressing policy issues Verizon is dealing with today.

Verizon's Boston FiOS build is about fulfilling multiple wireline, wireless needs

Verizon's move to build out FiOS in Boston, which it announced in April as part of a six-year, $300 million plan, isn't your typical fiber roll out.

Frontier's McCarthy: Micro-trenching, directional boring are lowering FTTH build costs

Frontier isn't planning on a large expansion of its FTTH network in the areas it entered via its latest Verizon wireline facility acquisition, but a host of fiber installation innovations will help it retain costs.

Verizon Northeast region president says higher education, diverse biz community drew FiOS to Boston

With Verizon finally ending its self-imposed FiOS service deployment moratorium in April with an announcement of plans to bring the FTTH service to Boston, FierceTelecom interviewed Donna Cupelo, Northeast regional president for Verizon, to get some insight into the company's Bean Town strategy.

Verizon's 'Vision Zero' smart city effort rolling out in Boston

Verizon is launching a smart city technology trial with Boston called "Vision Zero." The trial will include a combination of traffic and public safety plans and is set to run from June through December. As FierceTelecom reports, Vision Zero will look at the corridor along Massachusetts Avenue to address various issues including traffic management, traffic signaling and congestion, as well as public safety with a particular focus on pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Verizon's Boston FiOS build could be a blueprint for further expansion

Verizon recently did an about-face on its moratorium for new FiOS FTTH expansions by announcing a six-year, $300 million deal to build out FiOS in Boston that will begin this year. In  FierceTelecom 's latest feature, I take a look at how Verizon found that bringing its FiOS network to Boston will fulfill not only residential service needs, but also other purposes like wireless backhaul and emerging smart city applications.

Verizon's Boston FiOS rollout focuses on community, holistic use strategy

Verizon ended its self-imposed FiOS FTTH service deployment moratorium in April, announcing plans to build out FTTH to Boston. Under a six-year plan, Verizon will invest $300 million to replace the city's aging copper network infrastructure with fiber. Why the sudden about-face?

Frontier's installation follies make unhappy customers fair game for Charter, Bright House

Frontier's challenging integration process of the Verizon wireline assets it purchased in California, Florida and Texas has had a negative effect on new broadband subscribers-- and cable operators like Charter Communications are lining up to capture those customers.