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Latest Headlines

DirecTV 4K service set to launch 'a few' VOD movies, will require Genie DVR and Samsung TV

Shedding a bit of light on the first 4K/Ultra HD programming service provided by a pay-TV operator, DirecTV said its new offering is still on track to launch in the fourth quarter of this years.

The top 6 super DVRs that pack a punch

For nearly a decade, most pay TV distributors have deployed DVRs containing two tuners and a maximum of 250 GB of storage space. But with the rollout of their respective Hopper and Genie DVRs in 2012, Dish Network and DirecTV forced rival cable operators and telcos to invest in new gear.

TiVo banks on Roamio DVRs to battle Dish Hopper, DirecTV Genie

TiVo said Tuesday that it will soon begin selling three new DVRs capable of streaming programming to TVs and Apple's iPad and iPhone.

DirecTV renames Nomad product 'GenieGO'

DirecTV has quietly rebranded a product that lets subscribers transfer programs stored on DVRs to laptops and Apple's iPad and iPhone as 'GenieGO.'

Dish Network: Hopper will reduce churn rates

While Dish Network reported increased subscriber churn in the first quarter, executives told analysts Thursday that they expect its new Hopper DVR will help it improve retention and drive increased revenue from homes that take the product.

DirecTV signs Humax to build Genie boxes

DirecTV said it signed South Korean set-top manufacturer Humax to build a next generation version of its Genie multiroom DVR.

DirecTV launches Genie, offering new subscribers free multiroom DVR and 'NFL Sunday Ticket'

DirecTV launched its Genie whole-home DVR Thursday, offering new subscribers who sign two-year contracts set-tops for up to five rooms and free access to the 2012  NFL Sunday Ticket  package.

DirecTV prepares to launch Genie DVR

DirecTV will soon begin marketing Genie, a high-definition DVR that can automatically record TV shows based on a subscriber's viewing habits, VP of Public Relations Darris Gringeri told  FierceCable  Wednesday.