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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google building Fiber TV app for iPad and iPhone

Google said it is developing apps for Apple's iPad and iPhone that subscribers in the Kansas City area will be able to use to navigate live TV, video-on-demand and DVR programming on its Google Fiber TV service.

Google Fiber TV undercuts Time Warner Cable pricing on ESPN 3D

Google added ESPN 3D and 3net to the programming lineup on its Google Fiber TV service in Kansas City, where it will charge half the price rival Time Warner Cable collects from subscribers for ESPN 3D.

Verizon, Coinstar sign Avail-TVN to supply programming for Redbox Instant service

Avail-TVN said it struck deals to supply subscription video-on-demand programming to Verizon's FiOS TV and Redbox Instant, the streaming video service that Verizon and Coinstar plan to launch next year.

Greenfield reviews Google Fiber TV; predicts Google will expand into other markets

Google won a positive review of its new Google Fiber TV product in Kansas City from BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, who tried out its subscription video and wideband Internet service earlier this month.

Google taking Fiber TV orders in Dub's Dread; expands construction plans

Google said Thursday that it is beginning to take orders for its new Google Fiber TV service in the Dub's Dread neighborhood in Kansas City, Kan. The Internet giant said residents have less than one month to order the service, which costs $120 monthly.

A look at advanced guides from Cablevision, DirecTV, AT&T, and the future of channel surfing

Cablevision, AT&T and DirecTV are deploying smarter IPGs that rely on technology such as recommendation engines and voice recognition to make it easier for subscribers to find programming they may be interested in. 

Time Warner Cable, AT&T demand 'parity' with Google Fiber TV in Kansas City

Time Warner Cable and AT&T are reportedly demanding that the cities of Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., offer perks similar to those used to lure Google's Google Fiber TV project to the area, such as free office space and free power.

Google struggles to license regional sports nets for Google Fiber TV

Google is having trouble reaching licensing deals with regional sports channels, such as Time Warner Cable's Metro Sports, for its Google Fiber TV deployment in Kansas City, attorneys for the Internet giant told FCC officials last week in a  phone call.

Google details construction schedule for Google Fiber TV deployment

Google released the construction schedule for its Google Fiber TV rollout in the Kansas City area on Thursday, and said it may flip the switch in one neighborhood as early as next month.

Time Warner Cable CFO doubts Google Fiber TV will expand outside Kansas City

It's unlikely that Google will attempt to expand the Google Fiber TV service that it will soon launch in the Kansas City area nationwide, Time Warner Cable CFO Irene Esteves said Wednesday, noting that it could cost $200 billion for it to build a nationwide fiber network.