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Latest Headlines

Cox, Mediacom plot broadband speed increases, as DOCSIS 3.1 rebranded as Gigasphere

A pair of cable MVPDs plan to hike broadband speeds to meet customer demand and negate advances by competitors such as Google Fiber, AT&T GigaPower and CenturyLink.

Mediacom puts broadband squeeze on CenturyLink Iowa with 305 Mbps tier

CenturyLink may be the incumbent telco in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but it is now facing a bigger threat from local cable operator Mediacom, which is planning to roll out a 305 Mbps speed tier. 

Mediacom hikes broadband speeds to 305 Mbps to compete with CenturyLink

Facing competition from telco CenturyLink in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Mediacom is reportedly looking to raise its broadband speeds to 305 Mbps via what it calls the Ultra 305 level of service.

TiVo gains 295,000 cable subs in Q3 2013

TiVo said the third-quarter was its best ever period of cable subscriber growth, as it picked up 295,000 net additions through distribution deals with Virgin Media, RCN, Grande Communications and other pay TV distributors.

Mediacom to deploy Pace MG1 gateway with TiVo interface

Mediacom Communications said Monday that it will soon deploy a media gateway from Pace that runs TiVo's user interface.

Schmaeling: LIN TV's retrans contracts could make it tough to aquire

While LIN TV's contracts with Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and other distributors will help it grow retransmission-consent fees to more than $130 million in 2013, CFO  Richard  Schmaeling said Wednesday that LIN's success in hiking fees could make it tougher for another broadcaster to acquire.

LRG: Top cable operators lost 555K video subs in Q2 2013

While AT&T U-verse TV and Verizon FiOS TV added 373,000 net new subscribers combined in the second quarter, the top nine cable operators lost 555,000 subscribers during the period, Leichtman Research Group said Monday.

iControl helping cable operators add family locator, traffic and weather info to home automation apps

iControl launched an Android app developer program which could help Comcast, Time Warner Cable and other operators add family locator as well as weather and traffic information to their home automation and security apps.

Embattled L2 CEO accuses Mediacom of using deception to poach customers

L2 Networks, a Georgia company whose CEO was arrested last year for allegedly tapping into Mediacom Communications' network to sell broadband service, accused Mediacom this week of using deception to poach its customers.

Cable home automation firm iControl sues Alarm.com, FrontPoint Security for patent infringement

iControl, the home security and automation firm backed by Comcast, Rogers Communications and Intel, said it filed a patent infringement suit Wednesday against Alarm.com and FrontPoint Security.