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Latest Headlines

U.S. pay-TV penetration flat at 84% of homes … and Netflix has little to do with it, study says

U.S. pay-TV penetration has remained flat, with about five out of every six households currently subscribing to some form of pay-TV service, according to new figures released by Leichtman Research Group.

CenturyLink accuses Comcast of using lobbying heft to block it from competitive areas

CenturyLink has accused Comcast of using its influence with local government officials to prevent the company from entering markets where the No. 1 cable operator is entrenched.

Netflix to FCC: We only have trouble with big, consolidated ISPs in the U.S.

Saving its harshest critique, after months of sturm und drang, for its final, "official" rebuke of the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, Netflix called on the FCC to reject the deal.

Netflix comes up empty at cable-dominated Emmy ceremony

Netflix's splashy emergence into premium original content has signaled a huge competitive threat to the programming realm that's come to dominate that business in recent years, cable. But if Monday night's Primetime Emmy presentation revealed anything, it's that cable still has the upper hand.

Canada's Rogers and Shaw team up to take aim at Netflix

Looking to reclaim lost video subscriber share from all-you-can-watch online operators like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, Canadian pay-TV giants Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications have teamed up to launch their own subscription video-on-demand service, shomi.

Hastings urges FCC 'not to give in' to the big ISPs as word of latest peering deal surfaces

Saying Netflix has entered peering agreements with AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and--most recently--Time Warner Cable "reluctantly," company CEO Reed Hastings has penned an op-ed in Wired, urging federal regulators not to "give in" to the big Internet service providers.

Report: TWC and Netflix signed interconnection deal in June

Netflix now has peering/interconnection deals with the four biggest terrestrial broadband providers in the U.S., with the SVOD service reportedly carving out an agreement with Time Warner Cable in June.

CBS' Moonves disses Aereo: 'A lot of attention for a service nobody was using'

Handling a barrage of relevant questions from investors following CBS Corp.'s Q2 earnings report, CBS chief executive Les Moonves said his company has renewed its deal with Netflix, that it won't be buying CNN, and that 75 percent of its commercials will soon be sold off of C7 audience metrics.

Netflix surpasses HBO in Q2 sub revenue, closes fast on profit, analyst says

HBO has commanded the spotlight in recent weeks, amid the rapt media coverage of Rupert Murdoch's ultimately abandoned attempt to buy Time Warner, Inc. But after Time Warner's second-quarter earnings call earlier this week, Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings used his Facebook account to take some of the attention away from the premium cable service Netflix views as its most important rival.

AT&T and Netflix struck interconnection deal in May, companies reveal

That time in early June, when AT&T legislative affairs chief Jim Cicconi zinged Netflix for "double talk" in the net neutrality debate? Just part of the honeymoon, it appears.