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Latest Headlines

Netflix integration good for pay-TV operators, IHS says

The 25 pay-TV operators who integrate Netflix into the user experience they offer their video customers get more benefit than harm out of the partnership. So says research firm IHS in a newly published report called  Netflix on Pay TV: A Marriage of Convenience.

Netflix product chief: 'HDR is more visibly different than 4K'

Giving a clear indication of the shift occurring in the evolution of display technology, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said high dynamic range (HDR) is now a greater industry priority than 4K.

Netflix warns of coming U.S. subscriber saturation as growth gets halved

While its global subscriber count increased by 17 million customers in 2015, Netflix warned investors that its once explosively growing domestic base is reaching a mature phase.

Charter declares itself 'the most friendly' operator to OVDs; Netflix's Hastings agrees

Following complaints to the FCC by HBO that its mergers with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks would hurt over-the-top competition, Charter Communications used its company blog to declare itself "the most friendly operator to online video distributors."

NBC ratings guru: Viewing of top SVOD originals comparable to linear TV

NBC's research chief says the notion that original series on the major SVOD services receive far more viewership than shows on traditional television networks is being overstated.

Netflix goes global: SVOD service launches in 130 countries today, but China still MIA

LAS VEGAS-- During a packed keynote presentation here at the CES event, Netflix announced its services today are now available almost globally, in 130 countries including South Korea, India, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia. "You're witnessing the birth of the global TV network," boasted Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix trims the size of its streams by 20%, cuts bandwidth use and reliance on cable

Netflix is changing the way it encodes its programming, trimming bandwidth needs by as much as 20 percent.

DisneyLife launches in the UK, goes head-to-head with Netflix

Disney has launched its SVOD platform, DisneyLife, right on its announced schedule in the UK.

Hastings: TVE could be a threat to Netflix if it got its act together

While the authenticated multiscreen efforts of the pay-TV industry have always been unfavorably compared to Netflix, the SVOD service's CEO says TV Everywhere could be his company's greatest threat-- if its potential were ever realized.

Fox, Discovery, Time Warner and others could be pulling away from Netflix

In recent statements, executives from 21st Century Fox, Time Warner and Discovery Communications appear to be working to put some distance between their companies and Netflix. As Re/code pointed out, investors now will likely be watching carefully during this third-quarter reporting period to determine whether major pay-TV programmers will further that trend.