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Latest Headlines

NCTC close to agreement with Netflix

The NCTC is close to signing a master agreement with Netflix that would let its member cable systems integrate the SVOD platform into their video service offerings with a revenue-sharing model.

Netflix responds to Amazon standalone announcement, says it's now up to 81M subs

Taking some of the luster off of Amazon's big announcement Monday that it's going to take its SVOD service out of Prime and go head-to-head with the market leader in video streaming, Netflix had some news of its own.

Amazon launches $8.99 standalone Prime Video service, targeted directly at Netflix

Looking to take the battle for streaming video market share more directly to market leader Netflix, Amazon has unhooked a version of its SVOD service from its "Prime" business segment, and is now offering it as a stand-alone subscription video service priced at $8.99 a month.

Dish brings Netflix 4K content to the Hopper 3, expands on limited UltraHD content options

Dish Network is taking its integration of Netflix into the realm of 4K, announcing that UltraHD content on the SVOD provider will be playable on its new Hopper 3 DVRs.

Facebook says, unlike Netflix, it does not degrade its video for mobile

Netflix has earned a lot of unwanted attention after it recently admitted to transmitting video at a lower resolution over AT&T's and Verizon's mobile networks. But Facebook, an already large mobile video player in its own right, says rest assured because it is not engaging in the same practice.

AT&T 'outraged' over Netflix throttling of mobile network; ACA calls for FCC to step in

AT&T is shocked — shocked! — after Netflix admitted to lowering video resolution without customer knowledge on the mobile networks of AT&T and Verizon.

Netflix viewing accounts for half of linear TV's decline, analyst says

Half of the 3 percent decline in linear TV viewing in 2015 can be traced to the migration of eyeballs to Netflix, says MoffettNathanson analyst Michael Nathanson, in his latest report assessing the impact of the leading SVOD platform.

Netflix beating cable to the punch on 4K and HDR

Netflix has announced aggressive plans to ramp up both 4K and HDR programming.

Netflix cratered the home video market, study confirms

Further confirming an increasingly well-understood correlation, research firm IHS said the proliferation of Netflix SVOD services has caused devaluation in movie and TV transactional sales in numerous global markets.

Netflix integration good for pay-TV operators, IHS says

The 25 pay-TV operators who integrate Netflix into the user experience they offer their video customers get more benefit than harm out of the partnership. So says research firm IHS in a newly published report called  Netflix on Pay TV: A Marriage of Convenience.