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Latest Headlines

Nielsen: 27% of viewing on Roku happens with multiple viewers

Generating perhaps what is the first piece of notable data since Nielsen agreed to measure audience usage on Roku in April, the research company found that 27 percent of viewing on the OTT platform is done by more than one audience member.

Stayin' alive: CBS, other TV networks revise their series cancellation criteria as market changes

As the media and entertainment industry changes around them, traditional broadcasters are getting more flexible about how they manage TV series and increasingly relying on metrics beyond traditional Nielsen ratings to determine whether a show gets the axe. Those changes are reflected in the first wave of cancellations for the fall season, the New York Times reports.

What new social media metrics from Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak tell us about video use

There is very little hard data on the brave new world of disrupted video delivery and consumption. But the good news is that the major audience research companies-- Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak-- are now publishing some insights on video use through research into associated social media habits.

Keeping track of the OTT video audience in Q3

The third-quarter earnings season is starting to wind down, and major audience measurement firms including Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak considered the impact of social media on content ratings.  FierceOnlineVideo  monitored reports from these three firms, grabbing a weekly snapshot from each.  Special report

Measuring OTT audiences in Q3: Nielsen holds its own as other measurement firms move in

As we complete the third full quarter in which major audience measurement firms including Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak considered the impact of social media on content ratings, it's interesting to see how that engagement is shaping the entertainment landscape.

'Weak' TV shows fare better on social media, study finds

Social media may boost TV shows that score weak on traditional TV ratings. A new study by Engagement Labs that measures social data for online and offline conversations (word of mouth), found that series on Fox, ABC, NBC and other broadcast networks that have middling to low traditional TV ratings do well in terms of engagement scores.

Comscore, Rentrak merge to create massive digital challenger to Nielsen

Digital measurement firm comScore is acquiring set-top box data measurement specialist Rentrak in an all-stock, share-for-share merger that could set venerable TV ratings firm Nielsen back on its heels.

BTIG's Greenfield disputes Nielsen, says SVOD ratings unnecessary

BTIG Research analyst Richard Greenfield dismissed Nielsen's move into SVOD ratings as an unnecessary action made in a "misguided and flawed" effort to keep the audience measurement company relevant in the digital age.

How did consumers view OTT video in Q2?

FierceOnlineVideo  takes a look at how over-the-top video viewers are watching, accessing and talking about the content they're seeing, drawing on numbers from the second quarter from some of the top audience measurement firms including Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak.  Special report

Changing measurement benchmarks: smartphones and Twitter and Facebook, oh my

At the end of the first quarter of this year, I took a snapshot of some of the measurement data being released by three of the most prominent audience ratings firms in the U.S.: Nielsen, of course, Rentrak and comScore. Nielsen had just begun to follow the lead of its younger, more multiscreen-concentrated cousins and added a social media engagement metric to its ratings reports, and so for the first time the industry had a chance to compare how each firm was looking at engagement around TV series both on traditional television and online.