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Latest Headlines

Lessons from the Pokestop: What developers can learn from Pokemon Go's success

The Pokémon Go revolution is underway, and the mobile gaming phenomenon continues to generate interest from casual and hardcore gamers alike. 

Nintendo ramps up smart device development team

Count Nintendo among the companies on the lookout for mobile developers with smart device experience.   

Nintendo to finally bring Mario, Zelda and other video game characters to smartphones

Mario, Luigi, Link, Zelda, Donkey Kong and the stable of classic Nintendo video game characters are finally coming to smartphones. The gaming company dropped its long-held aversion to mobile games via a new deal with DeNA Co., a fellow Japanese game provider. The companies will exchange ownership stakes and create a new mobile game platform.

Time Warner Cable rolling recommendation engine from Digitalsmiths

Time Warner Cable said it plans to integrate a recommendation engine from Digitalsmiths with its interactive program guide, which will allow it to offer subscribers personalized recommendations for TV shows and movies.

Sony said to be mulling own pay TV service in U.S.

Even as cable operators continue to leak video subscribers and IPTV providers tread water in the pay TV space, it appears that yet another player--Sony, of all companies--thinks there's money to be made in selling television.

Nintendo integrates cable TV and Web video programming with TVii interface

Nintendo said it will launch its TVii service on Thursday, which will allow cable and satellite TV subscribers who buy its Wii U gaming console to navigate programming from Comcast, Netflix and other video providers.

Online video part of the game for Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has added a live TV element to its strategy to make the next Wii--the Wii U, due for the U.S. market in November--more than just a game console.

Nintendo challenges cable IPGs with TVii user interface

Add Nintendo to the list of companies challenging cable operators and satellite TV providers for control of the user interface that subscribers rely on to access video programming.

Nintendo 'moving beyond' hardware with new online strategy

Nintendo Co. (TYO: 7974), apparently tired of watching sales of its traditional disk-based games fall year after year--along with those of other video game providers, it should be fairly noted--is...

Portable gaming: Is mobile the future?

The gaming industry has gone through a rapid transformation in the past three years. With the smartphone penetration rate climbing, users are increasingly turning to mobile apps to get their gaming