Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

T-Mobile recovers from service disruptions in the Northeast

T-Mobile US experienced a service disruption for several hours on Friday across a wide swath of the Northeast before restoring service in the early evening.

Comcast customer service czar makes first big move: apologies, credits for X1 outages

Marking one of the first high-profile moves under Comcast's new "customer experience" czar, Charlie Herrin, the MSO has apologized for technical problems experienced this week by X1 pay-TV customers.

Verizon resolves massive billing system outage, rolls out XLTE to 300-plus markets

Verizon Wireless reported the resolution of problems with its online portal that impacted thousands of customers and its own retail stores in certain parts of the country. The operator also announced that it has deployed XLTE, the brand name for LTE deployed over its AWS spectrum, to more than 300 markets.

Time Warner Cable hit with outage during Super Bowl

Just three days after announcing that it would rebrand its cable systems in New York and Los Angeles, Time Warner Cable grappled with an outage on its Los Angeles system on Sunday that left subscribers unable to watch the standard-definition feed during much of Fox's coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII.

AT&T blames U-verse Internet outage on 'web hosting service issue'

AT&T was hit with a major outage impacting its U-verse service, sources reported Monday.

Comcast outage hits 150K Colorado subs during Broncos – Cowboys game

Comcast said a router issue was to blame for a cable outage that left about 150,000 subscribers in Colorado unable to watch part of the Denver Broncos – Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday.

DirecTV suffers major outages with local broadcast TV lineup

DirecTV said Monday morning that it had resolved a technical glitch which saw subscribers in several major markets lose access to local broadcast TV channels, including customers in New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois and Maine.

Comcast HD glitch impacts Stanley Cup finals game

A glitch in Comcast's equipment that receives HD signals from broadcasters and transmits them to customers caused high-definition viewers in Chicago to miss out on watching part of the Chicago Blackhawks-Boston Bruins Stanley Cup finals game Saturday night.

T-Mobile confirms weekend disruption, cites strong demand

T-Mobile USA acknowledged that its website and in-store computer systems were briefly out of commission this past Saturday, and the carrier cited demand from customers as the culprit, though it did not provide a specific explanation of what caused the system failures.

Time Warner Cable restores phone service to 800,000 subscribers impacted by outage

Time Warner Cable blamed an outage that left 800,000 of its digital telephone subscribers without service Sunday on a "technical issue."