Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

TWC and Cox battle major Northeast service outages

Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications battled major service outages in the New York City area and other parts of the Northeast, the result of two fiber cuts to Level 3's network.

DirecTV recovers from national outage, tries to get everyone's mind off it with 4K Masters coverage

DirecTV has restored service after a two-hour outage knocked both HD and SD channels offline across the nation Tuesday.

T-Mobile reports voice outage across LTE and Wi-Fi

T-Mobile US confirmed that it suffered a network during the weekend, which appeared to affect customers' ability across the country to make voice calls over Wi-Fi and LTE.

Comcast crediting angry customers after outage, but won't say for how much

Comcast said it will give credits to customers affected by Monday's service outage, which hit across its national footprint.

CBS All Access fumbles Grammys live stream, posts record viewer numbers anyway

After a record-setting and mostly successful, and free, live stream of the Super Bowl two weeks ago, CBS apparently dropped the ball on its live stream of the Grammy Awards, which was available online only to CBS All Access subscribers. Viewers paying a $5.99 monthly fee to access content like the awards show complained that the early part of the ceremony was inaccessible online.

Comcast restores service after massive Presidents Day outage

Comcast says its services are back online after a Presidents Day outage that covered much of its footprint.

CenturyLink's Seattle outage enters third day

CenturyLink's Seattle customers are now in their third day without internet and TV service. CenturyLink competes with Comcast and Wave Broadband in Seattle.

Debate-able: Fox shuts down unofficial live streams of Republican debate

Despite struggling to keep its own network up for the official, authentication-only live stream of the Republican debate, Fox invoked copyright to keep other outlets like YouTube and Sky News from streaming the event Thursday night.

As mobile OTT grows, AT&T network outage highlights reliability of wireless services

As online video increasingly shifts to mobile devices, the wireless network outage across much of the Southeast on Tuesday called into question the reliability of major carriers' networks.

AT&T network hardware issue disrupts wireless service in Southeast

Wireless service for customers at a variety of carriers was disrupted yesterday across parts of the Southeast due to a hardware issue in AT&T's wireline network. The issue affected customers in parts of Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, according to media reports.