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Latest Headlines

Former Charter installer gets probation for selling illegal cable

A former cable contractor accused of posing as a Charter Communications employee in order to sell an illegal cable connection to a subscriber in Michigan was sentenced to six months of probation on Wednesday.

DirecTV installer arrested for allegedly stealing bulldog puppy from subscriber's home

Police in San Bernardino County, Calif., arrested a 38-year-old DirecTV installer last Thursday for allegedly stealing an English Bulldog puppy from the home of a subscriber.

Prosecutors: Former Charter employee sold illegal cable and Internet connections

Prosecutors in Bay City, Mich., charged former Charter Communications employee Randy Morin with a felony last week after he allegedly sold illegal cable and Internet connections to a subscriber whose service had been disconnected.

Former Comcast supervisor admits stealing $75,000 in tools

A former Comcast supervisor who ran an equipment warehouse in Pennsylvania was sentenced to seven years of probation Tuesday after he admitted to selling about $75,000 of tools and equipment owned by Comcast on eBay.

Charter subscriber arrested for threatening to 'blow up or burn' payment center

Police officers armed with assault rifles and shotguns used Charter Communications trucks as shields Tuesday before arresting a 27-year-old man outside a payment center in Duluth, Minn., who had allegedly threatened to "blow up or burn" the facility.

Charter battles amplifier thefts in California

Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR) has been hit more than 20 amplifier thefts on its cable system in Cerritos, Calif., which have sparked cable outages. Police suspect that the amplifiers and

Comcast driver ticketed after crashing into house, cars

Delaware State Police have issued a Comcast (Nasdaq:CMCSA) truck driver a ticket for alleged inattentive driving, after he crashed a company-owned Ford F450 into two parked automobiles and a house

Cablevision contractor arrested for allegedly fondling subscriber

A 29-year-old cable technician employed by a Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) contractor was arrested earlier this week for allegedly fondling a Cablevision customer while visiting the woman's home to repair