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Latest Headlines

Analyst: Did Supreme Court just allow Internet companies to call themselves cable operators?

It's not just about Aereo. In its nebulous June 25 ruling against the streaming video company, the U.S. Supreme Court seemed to kick the door wide open for Internet-based distributors to deem themselves cable operators under copyright law.

Aereo reinvents itself as 'cable company,' seeks retransmission license

Looking for a path forward after a devastating defeat in the U.S. Supreme Court, controversial streaming service Aereo has asked a Manhattan federal court to classify it as a cable company and make it eligible for the same statutory license pay TV providers pay for in providing retransmission of broadcast signals to subscribers.

The nasty battle over retrans: Titanic deck chairs, Rome burning come to mind

With broadcasters hemorrhaging ratings points and advertising dollars not only to cable but to the Internet, and cord cutting recently deemed by the tech press to be a "real thing," do these guys know what time it is?

Cable One, NBC Sports Network avert blackout, sign six-month carriage extension

Officials for Phoenix, Ariz.-based Cable One say they have reached a temporary licensing agreement with NBCUniversal to keep the NBC Sports Network on its program guide for the next six months.

Retrans policy debate: Suddenlink's Kent says both sides should show pricing practices

Continuing an ongoing rhetorical battle to shape retransmission consent policy, Suddenlink Communications chairman and CEO Jerry Kent has suggested that both pay TV operators and broadcasters make their pricing practices transparent to regulators.

Kanojia, Aereo remain optimistic it will win in SCOTUS

Updated: With the U.S. Supreme Court set to make a fateful decision on their ongoing battle over content rights, SVOD service Aereo and the broadcast networks are reportedly both considering their options in the event the ruling doesn't go their way.

Mediacom responds to TVFreedom: 'Broadcasters hiding the truth' on retrans

The letter-to-Congress battle between broadcasters and pay-TV operators over retransmission policy continued Friday when Mediacom executive Thomas Larsen sent a letter to House and Senate leaders, blaming price hikes in the pay-TV industry on broadcast retrans fees.

STELA compromise boosts satellite providers, impacts broadcaster JSAs

A satellite TV bill approved by the House Energy Commerce Committee would give broadcasters until 2016 to undo joint sales agreements (JSAs) while relaxing some restrictions on satellite providers Dish Network and DirecTV when they try to bring in TV signals from other markets for subscribers who cannot get local stations due to retransmission disputes.

TV interest groups rise to fight the retransmission wars

Every player within the TV entertainment space--broadcasters, cable and satellite service providers and consumer groups--has an opinion on retransmission fees. And now it seems that every interest group has formed an organization to front its stance. Most recently, broadcasters formed their own subset, TVFreedom, to seek consumer support in the industry's fight with the American Television Alliance (ATVA), the group representing cable and satellite providers.

Comcast-TWC may have allies in TV station owners

The nation's largest TV station owners have a good reason to support—or at least not oppose—a $45.2 billion merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.