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Latest Headlines

Samsung talking with programmers about streaming TV service, report says

Samsung has reached out the major programming conglomerates to find out what they'd charger to make their programing available in an IP-delivered service, according to Bloomberg.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon respond to satellite's 28 GHz sharing concerns

After satellite players O3b Networks and ViaSat submitted studies to the FCC, AT&T Services, Nokia, Samsung Electronics America, T-Mobile USA and Verizon responded in kind, submitting results of a detailed but preliminary simulation conducted by Nokia to assess potential interference between terrestrial 5G services and fixed satellite services (FSS) systems sharing the 28 GHz band.

Samsung relies on long-time cellular expertise to deliver Wi-Fi to I-X Center

Samsung Electronics America might not be well-known its Wi-Fi offerings – it's been in the business a relatively short time compared with its history in cellular – but it powers the Wi-Fi network in Cleveland's I-X Center, which presented a significant coverage challenge.

Comcast teaming with Samsung, Roku to ditch set-tops; FCC not impressed

Comcast announced the launch of a new initiative meant to enable consumer electronics devices to access the MSO's video services without the need of a set-top box.

End of a device: ESPN, Verizon remove Xbox 360 app support

So long, Xbox 360-- or at least, some of the TV Everywhere apps available on the aging gaming console. Both Verizon and ESPN are pulling their apps from the device, and Verizon is targeting other devices as well for app removal.

Samsung underscores opposition to 37 GHz hybrid licensing scheme

Samsung representatives told the FCC last week that the company opposes a hybrid licensing scheme in the 37 GHz band and proposals for using a Spectrum Access System in the 28 and 37-40 GHz bands.

Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson show off achievements in millimeter wave tech

While students at NYU Wireless conducted pioneering research to prove that millimeter wave frequencies can and will work for mobile communications, its partners in the vendor community are demonstrating how that research applies to real-world scenarios.

Verizon to test 5G at 28 GHz in Texas with Samsung

Verizon and Samsung appear to be plowing ahead with plans to conduct 5G tests at 28 GHz, one of the bands that holds a great deal of promise for 5G services.

Samsung provides technical demonstrations of millimeter wave for FCC

Samsung executives, including Youngky Kim, president and head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, as well as vice presidents Woojune Kim and Wonil Roh, were among those who met with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and others this week to talk about spectrum bands above 24 GHz.

Samsung keys in on MP-TCP, boasts Korean commercialization

Samsung says that multi-path transfer control protocol (MP-TCP) technology is one of the key priorities for the company, as it allows aggregation among independent networks using different technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Internet of Things, 3G, 4G, 5G and more, and it's already been commercialized in South Korea.