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Latest Headlines

Leaked Sony emails reveal Comcast's leeriness of PlayStation Vue

Comcast was so concerned last year about the pending launch of PlayStation Vue that it refused to do any kind of business with Sony. That included the launch of the Xfinity 4K pay-TV service, which ended up launching exclusively on Samsung TVs.

Sony unveils Xperia Z4 flagship phone, but is mum about availability outside Japan

With little fanfare, Sony unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z4, but in a sign of the company's more limited mobile ambitions Sony did not announce any details on international availability for the Z4 outside of Japan.

Wowza adds live streaming to cloud services package

LAS VEGAS--Online video streaming services provider Wowza is targeting value-conscious providers with its latest cloud-based streaming solution. Wowza Streaming Cloud and the pro version of its Streaming Engine software will give companies of all sizes an economical entry point to provide live streaming to their audiences.

Unraveling six ways pay-TV providers can monetize IP-based OTT video

The emergence of over-the-top services like Dish Network's Sling TV and Sony's PlayStation Vue illustrates that the pay-TV industry is getting more comfortable with over-the-top video services.

Sony is 'here to stay' in smartphones, exec says, with new global marketing campaign

Sony is launching a new brand campaign to breathe life into its struggling mobile unit, according to a Sony executive. The comments come as Sony pulls back in the smartphone market, but indicate it is not exiting the market.

Sony PlayStation Vue locks up 'Mad Men' and 'Walking Dead,' still no 'SportsCenter' in sight

Sony has announced a major programming acquisition for PlayStation Vue, adding AMC Channels to its new over-the-top pay-TV service. The network will be added to Vue's basic $50-a-month bundle just in time for the sure-to-be-highly-rated season-five finale of original series The Walking Dead, as well as the final season of Mad Men. WEtv will also be added to the basic channel lineup.

PlayStation Vue, Sony's OTT gold chip, may be a dud

Dead on arrival: That's the prognosis of online video industry analyst Joel Espelien of The Diffusion Group, who declared Sony's new OTT service, PlayStation Vue, a "well-intentioned" product that does a poor job of targeting its key demographic, male millennials.

Sony's poorly targeted PlayStation Vue service 'DOA,' analyst says

Describing Sony's over-the-top pay-TV service as a product grossly mismatched with its young, price-conscious male target market, TDG analyst Joel Espelien has declared PlayStation Vue "dead on arrival."

Sony's PlayStation Vue 'just paying for cable over IP,' review says

Launching officially in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia Wednesday, Sony's PlayStation Vue over-the-top pay-TV service was subject to its first press reviews. The opinions are mixed.

Repercussions: DirecTV, Cox, Comcast work on responses to HBO Now

HBO stirred a hornet's nest with its announced plan to offer its standalone HBO Now service exclusively on Apple TV.