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Latest Headlines

AT&T, T-Mobile voice support for small cell backhaul from Aviat and Fastback in 70/80 GHz bands

AT&T and T-Mobile US said they support a plan by Aviat Networks and Fastback Networks to use the 71-76 and 81-86 GHz bands for backhaul for small cells. The two startups are asking the FCC for authorization to deploy their backhaul technology and equipment in the bands.

Netcomm, Ericsson will outfit AT&T with WLL gear and services, report says

AT&T will reportedly use fixed wireless local loop (WLL) gear from Australia's NetComm Wireless and services from Ericsson for its WLL technology tests, according to the  Sydney Morning Herald, citing unnamed sources. AT&T has said it will test WLL in areas of Georgia, Alabama, Kansas and Virginia with the goal of delivering residential customers with wireless broadband services at speeds around 15 to 25 Mbps.

AT&T pushes Cricket brand at millennials with new 'Family Guy' ad strategy

As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, it appears that AT&T is doing all it can to push its Cricket prepaid brand among millennials (Americans born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s). As reported by Adweek, Cricket Wireless will be the sole advertiser tonight on Turner's Adult Swim episode of Family Guy, a new advertising technique that Turner is offering to those brands that want to make an impression on its younger Adult Swim audience.

Confirmed: AT&T to hike price of legacy unlimited data plan by $5 to $35/month

AT&T confirmed that it will increase the price of its legacy unlimited data plan by $5 per month, to a total of $35 per month, starting in February. 9to5Mac first reported the news, citing an unnamed source, and an AT&T representative subsequently confirmed the price increase to FierceWireless.

New Street: Comcast could get 20% of its customers onto its MVNO in 5 years

According to new research from the financial analysts at New Street Research, a cable company like Comcast could entice around 20 percent of its customer base to switch to its own MVNO service within five years of moving into the wireless industry. The report offers some important implications for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile US and the rest of the nation's wireless network operators, which may indeed compete against cable MVNOs in the coming years.

TracFone's Straight Talk, AT&T's Cricket offer new discounts as smartphones top Black Friday shopping lists

As the critical holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, the Consumer Technology Association said that smartphones stand at the top of Americans' list of most-wanted tech products, beating out TVs, tablets and laptops. And wireless players continue to work to stimulate that demand, with AT&T's Cricket Wireless and América Móvil's U.S. MVNO, TracFone Wireless, offering new discounts today.

AT&T says 1-year TDM technology discontinuance requirements will delay IP transition

AT&T has joined the growing chorus of ILECs that say requiring them to give wholesale customers a year-plus notice before they discontinue service will delay the IP transition.

AT&T continues to push Lifeline proposal, wants FCC to include Internet services in program

In a new, lengthy filing with the FCC, AT&T reiterated its proposed changes to the agency's Lifeline program. Specifically, AT&T urged the FCC to offload most of the management functions of the program to the Universal Service Administrative Company, and to also allow Lifeline recipients to use the program to pay for their Internet access, whether that's wireless or wireline.

Dycom sees potential revenue opportunities in CAF-II builds

While AT&T, Frontier, Windstream and other telcos have accepted funds from the second phase of the FCC's Connect America Fund (CAF-II), the network builds won't start really getting underway until early next year, but when they do move forward Dycom is ready to be a big part of those projects.

AT&T predicted to dominate 600 MHz incentive auction with $10B in bids, outshining T-Mobile's $8B spend

The financial analysts at Wells Fargo predicted that AT&T will outspend its rivals on licenses during the FCC's incentive auction next year of TV broadcasters' 600 MHz spectrum, dropping up to $10 billion on a 2x10 MHz block of spectrum with nationwide capability. The analysts predict T-Mobile will come in second with bids of up to $8 billion, while Verizon will clock in last among the nation's largest wireless carriers with a total of $5 billion in bids.