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Latest Headlines

Fresh off its Cisco CPE acquisition, Technicolor takes aim at Arris

Fresh off its acquisition of Cisco's CPE unit, Technicolor is looking to take on market leader Arris in the business of selling video set-tops, routers and other customer premises equipment. Even with the acquisition, however, the French-owned media tech company still only controls 14 percent of the market compared to about 24 percent for Arris, putting it at a distinct disadvantage in terms of scale.

Technicolor completes acquisition of Cisco's CPE division, companies ink alliance for IoT, new video tech

Technicolor announced that it has closed its $600 million acquisition of Cisco's CPE unit, Cisco Connected Devices.

Cisco's issues sluggish forecast, shows declines in CPE sales to $411M

Cisco reported overall profits that were better than some analysts expected during its most recent quarter, but the company's financial expectations for the coming months were below forecasts. And the company's CPE business-- which Cisco is in the process of selling to Technicolor-- reported a 14 percent slowdown in its revenues to $411 million.

Analyst: Technicolor-Cisco deal marks divergence of video market into CPE hardware and cloud software segments

Despite its move to sell its customer premises equipment (CPE) division to French media technology conglomerate Technicolor in a deal announced last week, don't think of Cisco as leaving the video business.

Cisco sells off STB unit to Technicolor, realigns IoE, cloud activities

Cisco's new CEO Chuck Robbins is wasting no time making his impression on the company by selling off its set-top box business to French media technology conglomerate Technicolor and realigning the company's Internet of Everything and cloud activities.

Cisco bails on fast-declining set-top market, sells unit to Technicolor for $602M

French media technology conglomerate Technicolor has agreed to purchase Cisco's customer premises equipment (CPE) division for $602 million, a move delivers a second burst of consolidation to the fast-declining pay-TV set-top industry.

Set-top box manufacturers Arris, Cisco, EchoStar struggle to keep up with changing market

The set-top box may be the hub of the pay-TV consumer's living room, but it's clear that a number of factors such as cloud-based platforms and a consolidating industry is taking its toll on the industry segment.

Closed captioning's role becomes more complex in multiscreen world

In the wake of FCC rules that require TV programs, movies, and clips to have closed captions even in the online video space, OTT providers are scrambling to make sure their online catalogs are captioned. Can startups do it better than established caption providers?

Huawei expands lead in broadband CPE market, says Infonetics

Huawei broke further away from the broadband CPE pack in Q1 2013 as revenues rose 26 percent, according to a new Infonetics report. Much of Huawei's broadband CPE revenue came from its service provider customers in China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Technicolor, Entropic build set-top based on Comcast RDK

France's Technicolor and chip vendor Entropic said they are teaming up to build a thin client set-top that is based on Comcast's Reference Design Kit software.