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Latest Headlines

HBO Now launch costs exceed network's $21M revenue rise in Q2

Time Warner-owned premium network HBO saw its second-quarter revenues grow to almost $1.44 billion, up 1 percent, or $21 million, from $1.42 billion a year previously, thanks to increased subscriptions. But the cost of launching its new standalone OTT service, HBO Now, exceeded that revenue gain.

HBO leaps into standalone OTT service, breaks the a la carte code

Time Warner investors were the first to hear the news from HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler: The premium subscription service, which currently offers an authentication-only streaming service, HBO Go, to cable subscribers, will launch a standalone over-the-top service in the United States next year.

OTT households grow, while pay-TV consumers at their most miserable

Cable may still be king of media delivery, but the kingdom's subjects couldn't be more miserable, a new report shows. And while pay-TV subscribers hunt for an alternative to their current subscriptions, the number of over-the-top households continues to grow, another study found.

Sprint MVNO Scratch Wireless crafting Wi-Fi-centric service for cable operators

Sprint MVNO Scratch Wireless is developing a version of its Wi-Fi-centric service specifically for cable operators that want to leverage Wi-Fi so they can compete against cellular carriers.

Lowenstein's View: Memo to FCC, DOJ- If Comcast, then Sprint?

Regulators blocked the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition and have signaled their distaste for a possible Sprint takeover of T-Mobile. Yet, it appears that Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable has a reasonable chance of being approved. Why is that?

Virtual MVPD? Maybe next year, media chiefs say

When will the U.S. see a virtual pay-TV provider operating online? Maybe in 2014, according to some media-industry executives.

Time Warner Cable's TV channel shift draws interference from Verizon LTE smartphones

Reports of spectrum interference causing problems for LTE networks are growing more commonplace, with everything from fluorescent lights to electric cash registers being implicated.  In the latest twist, Verizon Wireless LTE data service is getting the blame for interfering with some channels delivered over the Time Warner Cable system in Raleigh, N.C.

TV Everywhere's game of catch-up

TV Everywhere may finally be starting to get somewhere. The pay-TV industry has tried for years to get its streaming video act together. The goal, expressed by executives from Time Warner and Comcast in 2009, is to let paying subscribers access the shows they get through their cable, satellite or telco TV subscription on Web-connected devices like iPads and smartphones.

Media executives weigh in on Aereo, Netflix, Amazon

Executives at some of the largest media companies weighed in on several online video topics during quarterly earnings teleconferences this week. They were asked by stock analysts about topics such as Aereo's online distribution of TV signals and Netflix's plans to be more selective about the programming it licenses.

CableLabs inks license deal for Wi-Fi hotspot locator

CableLabs licensed its Wi-Fi hotspot locator application to software vendor mPortal, which, in turn, will market the product to cable operators.