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Latest Headlines

Comcast to divest customers, assets to Charter

In order to gain approval of its mammoth deal to acquire Time Warner Cable, Comcast has reached a deal to divest subscribers, consolidate regional operating areas and create a new publicly traded company, SpinCo, in cooperation with Charter, according to a  FierceCable  report.

It's official: Comcast, Charter to swap subs, spin off a new business

Comcast and Charter Communications have made official what's been reported for weeks. As part of Comcast's attempt to acquire Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion, it's divesting subscribers, consolidating regional operating areas and creating a new publicly traded company, SpinCo, in cooperation with Charter.

Toll spat continues as Netflix accuses Comcast of double dipping

The smoldering spat between Netflix and Comcast has turned into a full-fledged forest fire with a Netflix blog post that denigrates Comcast's treatment of its content and reiterates its opposition to the MSO's $45.2 billion merger with Time Warner Cable. Comcast responded by accusing Netflix of "distortions and inaccuracies."

Netflix added to TiVo set-tops at Atlantic Broadband, Grande, RCN

Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications and RCN have followed the lead of their European MVPD counterparts and added Netflix as an app on TV lineups available through their TiVo-enabled set-top boxes. Netflix predicted the announcement of a U.S.-based set-top integration during an earnings call earlier in the week.

Time Warner Cable: Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi provides a 'complementary offering' to cellular

Time Warner Cable thinks of Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi access points as "complementary" to a cellular contract, but not likely as a replacement, according to CEO Rob Marcus. Hotspot 2.0, Marcus said in prepared remarks during an analyst conference, "will make our ever-expanding Wi-Fi network more secure and even easier to use." It also "makes our HSD (high-speed data) product more valuable," he added later.

AOL, Amazon, Dish, AT&T, TWC take on the online video market

While much of the online video industry is keeping a close eye on Aereo's first hearings with the Supreme Court, the industry has seen a flurry of new announcements in just the past few days from large telcos, cable operators and satellite providers.

Reported net neutrality changes roil consumer advocates, send Wheeler into defensive mode

The FCC could be about to add a toll lane to the information superhighway for those willing to pay a fee to cut through the traffic. Multiple reports, started by a piece in the Wall Street Journal, indicate that the feds are hammering out the details of new rules that would let companies with the resources to do so pay ISPs a little--or a lot--extra to go faster on unclogged broadband networks.

Marcus: Wireless hotspots give TWC a 'complementary offering' to cellular

Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus sees the MSO's focus on HotSpot 2.0 Wi-Fi access points as "complementary" to a cellular contract, but not likely a replacement, he said during an analysts' conference call this morning.

Time Warner Cable plows ahead with 'priorities,' loses 34K video subs

Time Warner Cable put a positive spin on the loss of 34,000 video subscribers in the first quarter, noting the loss was "the least in five years."

Ice dam breaks: AOL, Amazon, Dish, AT&T, TWC spill into online video

I had a whole other column lined up today around Aereo and its first day at the Supreme Court, but then things started going off on the online video front like popcorn in an air popper.