Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Wave Broadband, Astound to deploy co-branded TiVo products

The 415,000 residential and business customers who receive their cable and Internet services from Wave Broadband and Astound in the Pacific Northwest will get access to co-branded versions of TiVo's whole home products and services as part of an overarching partnership between TiVo and Wave Division Holdings.

TiVo dealmaking drives record 313K cable subs gain in Q4

TiVo posted a record gain of 313,000 cable subscribers through deals with international distributors such as Virgin Media and Spain's Ono, and domestic providers such as Atlantic Broadband and RCN.

Vyve Broadband to deploy network DVR powered by TiVo, ActiveVideo

Vyve Broadband, the Purchase, N.Y.-based cable MSO founded last year by former Bresnan Communications executives, plans to deploy a network-based DVR this spring which will be powered by software from TiVo and ActiveVideo, a source told FierceCable Wednesday.

Charter offers glimpse at cloud-based interactive program guide

While Charter Communications hasn't yet commercially deployed a cloud-based interactive program guide, the MSO offered a glimpse last week at the user interface that it has been testing since late last year on its cable system in Fort Worth, Texas.

RCN gets Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo with Opera TV launch on TiVo boxes

RCN is beginning to offer subscribers with TiVo set-tops the ability to access HTML5 apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo on TV.

Virgin Media reaches 2M TiVo subscribers

Virgin Media said Wednesday that it reached the milestone of 2 million subscribers using TiVo DVRs and multiscreen video software.

Former Motorola chief Moloney joins Lantiq board

Dan Moloney, the former president of Motorola Mobility, has joined the board of directors of Lantiq, a supplier of broadband chips and home networking gear.  Moloney is well-known for his numerous leadership jobs at tech firms like Motorola and General Instruments.

TiVo snaps up Digitalsmiths for $135M

TiVo just dropped $135 million to purchase cloud-based content discovery and recommendation engine Digitalsmiths. The company currently has deals with seven pay-TV providers in the U.S., including Time Warner Cable and Zeebox, and reaches about 64 percent of pay-TV households.

TiVo execs eye potential Charter rollout, U.S. launch of network DVRs

Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo, and EVP Jeff Klugman talk with FierceCable Editor Steve Donohue about how cable consolidation could impact TiVo, and how Comcast has become both a competitor and a partner for the DVR hardware and software vendor.

Charter-TWC merger potential cheered by chiefs of TiVo, ActiveVideo

On the eve of Charter's offer to acquire Time Warner Cable, top executives at technology vendors TiVo and ActiveVideo told FierceCable that a Charter-TWC marriage could drive growth for their companies as the major MSOs look to introduce new products, including cloud-based program guides capable of delivering Netflix content on TV.