Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Cable One to offer Netflix app on its leased TiVo set-tops

Cable One has become the latest MSO to integrate the Netflix app onto the TiVo-enabled HD-DVRs it leases to subscribers.

TiVo founders scuttle their streaming startup, Qplay

TiVo co-founders Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton have announced that they're shutting down their video streaming startup, Qplay.

TiVo embeds switched digital video support into new software client

As part of its new software client, TiVo has embedded support for cable switched digital video (SDV) without the need for a separate tuning adapter.

Comcast and TiVo developing retail set-top platform without CableCARD

Comcast and TiVo are working on a new two-way solution that would enable the pay TV service's subscribers to access the full range of their Xfinity service on a TiVo set-top box purchased at retail, all without a CableCARD.

TiVo adds 341K MSO subscribers in Q1

DVR technology company TiVo announced its best quarter for MSO subscriber acquisitions ever, adding 341,000 in Q1 through its various pay-TV partnerships and pushing its total past 4.5 million, an all-time high.

TiVo remains on the fence about Comcast-TWC deal

The sides are lining up on whether to support or oppose the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, with Netflix coming out against the merger. The American Cable Association isn't necessarily against the merger but it is mulling provisions to make sure its members aren't disadvantaged. And TiVo is still mulling its position on the merger--but it does want the FCC to pursue rules that would establish a successor to the disparaged CableCARD.

Netflix added to TiVo set-tops at Atlantic Broadband, Grande, RCN

Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications and RCN have followed the lead of their European MVPD counterparts and added Netflix as an app on TV lineups available through their TiVo-enabled set-top boxes. Netflix predicted the announcement of a U.S.-based set-top integration during an earnings call earlier in the week.

Wave Broadband, Astound to deploy co-branded TiVo products

The 415,000 residential and business customers who receive their cable and Internet services from Wave Broadband and Astound in the Pacific Northwest will get access to co-branded versions of TiVo's whole home products and services as part of an overarching partnership between TiVo and Wave Division Holdings.

TiVo dealmaking drives record 313K cable subs gain in Q4

TiVo posted a record gain of 313,000 cable subscribers through deals with international distributors such as Virgin Media and Spain's Ono, and domestic providers such as Atlantic Broadband and RCN.

Vyve Broadband to deploy network DVR powered by TiVo, ActiveVideo

Vyve Broadband, the Purchase, N.Y.-based cable MSO founded last year by former Bresnan Communications executives, plans to deploy a network-based DVR this spring which will be powered by software from TiVo and ActiveVideo, a source told FierceCable Wednesday.