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Latest Headlines

'New Charter' poised to ratchet up competition in broadband following consolidation

As Charter works to digest its blockbuster acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, the next question becomes: What will the company do with its newfound footing?

NY Attorney General to Rutledge: Please 'clean up TWC's act'

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman penned a letter to Tom Rutledge, asking the Charter Communications President and CEO to 'clean up' what he describes as shoddy broadband services offered by Charter's new acquisition, Time Warner Cable.

Charter to focus overbuild strategy on telco competition

With a federal mandate to overbuild broadband subscribers by 2 million, Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) President and CEO Tom Rutledge said his company will not be providing other cable...

Charter's Rutledge says enterprise market penetration is low, but growth prospects are good

Charter Communications is poised to gain more market share in the small to medium and larger enterprise business markets-- two segments where it is still a young player.

Charter's Rutledge gets a 1.6% raise to $16.4M

Charter Communications President and CEO Tom Rutledge pocketed a modest 1.6 percent raise in 2015, bringing home $16.4 million in compensation, according to a Charter SEC filing.

Charter Business' pricing, packaging changes drive up revenues to $294M

Charter's business services division is reaping the benefits of realigning the unit to focus on the specific needs of small businesses and larger enterprise customers as revenues rose 12.3 percent year-over-year to $294 million.

Charter unlikely to participate in incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum

Charter Communications is the latest cable company to take a lukewarm view of the FCC's upcoming 600 MHz spectrum auction, saying it's unlikely to participate. Like some other wireline service providers, Charter had been seen as a potential dark horse to leverage the spectrum sale to elbow its way into the mobile market.

Charter still figuring out Spectrum Guide rollout strategy

Charter Communications shed light on its plans to roll out its Spectrum Guide cloud-based user interface, not just across its own footprint, but those of soon-to-be acquired cable systems for Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Why cable CEOs are whistling in the rain of cord cutting

While the media and telecommunications industries have generally come to an agreement that cord-cutting is a significant threat to their businesses, cable industry titans are not as sure.

TWC's Marcus 'not losing any sleep' over password sharing

While the CEO of the MSO trying to acquire his company has been increasingly vocal about the issue of password sharing for authenticated video services, Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Rob Marcus says he's "not losing any sleep" over the issue.