Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DirecTV trademarks WV Wild & Wonderful Sports for streaming video network

DirecTV is reserving the right to use the brand "WV Wild & Wonderful Sports" for the launch of a network that would deliver streaming video and on-demand sports content, according to two trademark applications it filed last week.

Cox trademarks 'Simplify, Sync & Socialize'

Cox Communications filed a trademark application for the slogan "Simplify, Sync & Socialize," which it said may be used to market interactive television programming, video-on-demand and a cloud-based storage service.

Cablevision trademarks THE O TEAM for concierge service

Cablevision may be developing a high-end customer service program called THE O TEAM, according to a trademark application it filed last week.

DirecTV files trademark applications for industry's first 4K network

DirecTV may be developing the pay TV industry's first 4K, or ultra HD network, according to several trademark applications it filed last week.

Cox trademarks FLARE and MY FLARE for new interactive video service

Cox Communications recently filed trademark applications for the brands FLARE and MY FLARE for possible use in a new interactive video service.

Dish Network trademarks 'Racecar' brand for wireless broadband Internet service

Dish Network filed a trademark application last week for the brand "Racecar," which the company said could be used for a wireless broadband Internet service.

DirecTV designs flame logo for set-tops and DVRs

DirecTV has designed a new logo for set-tops and DVRs that it describes in a trademark application as an image consisting of a "flame or smoke-like element with human-like features."

Comcast trademarks 'The Future of Awesome' slogan

Comcast trademarked a new slogan, "The Future of Awesome," that it may be able use to market advanced products such as its Xfinity X1 digital video service.

Verizon Wireless trademarks ALLSCREEN brand for combined cable and wireless services

Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) has filed a trademark application for the brand ALLSCREEN, which it says could be used to provide a combination of cable TV and wireless services. The company, which has