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Latest Headlines

CBS weighs entry into 3D market

Despite studies that show 3D TV is struggling for acceptance in the U.S. market, broadcaster CBS says it may bring several of its shows, converted from 2D to 3D, to a 24-hour pay-TV network.

Report shows consumers not ready to buy 3D TVs... yet

LAS VEGAS--The good news: A new study finds that consumer awareness of 3D TV finally is beginning to perk up. And the bad? Potential buyers still have too many reasons not to buy it. There was no

TV Everywhere: Verizon FiOS on iPad; Mobile DTV receivers on Amazon

This may or may not be the golden age of television programming, but it's without a doubt the golden age of TV programming reception whether you want to call it TV Everywhere, mobile video or mobile

International children's channel KidsCo adds VOD to Poland's TOYA

NBC Universal backed children's channel KidsCo is adding a video on demand component to its existing package on TOYA, one of Poland's largest TV operators. KidsCo will continue to broadcast its range

WealthTV expands 3D offerings as more programmers look to new format

WealthTV, which in July rolled out an episode of its series on classic cars, "Wealth on Wheels Classic," available in 3D to Verizon's FiOS TV subscribers, says it's taking the plunge into 3D in a big

3D TV: Coming of age in the next five years

Last week, Samsung rolled out a 50-inch plasma 3D-ready HDTV set for less than $1,000, which is pretty remarkable when you consider that in 1998, when the first HD set rolled into the market it cost

Verizon adds 3D content to its FiOS line-up with 'WealthTV' episode

The lack of 3D content available to consumers has been cited as a major hurdle to wide-scale 3D TV adoption, but program providers are slowly ramping up their offerings. Luxury lifestyle programmer

Jumptap puts a crimp in cord cutters' lifestyle

Cable TV cord cutters looking to get their content for free on mobile phones have yet another speed bump to traverse. Mobile advertising solutions provider Jumptap has announced what it calls "the

3DTV: Zpryme reports on potential usage scenarios

In early February, we published a post on the market prospects for 3DTV, based on a study from consumer research firm Zpryme Research and Consulting. That study examined public opinion about 3DTV in

KT takes bite of Apple model

The Korea Times reports that Korea Telecom chief Lee Suk-chae dropped the A-word in talking about the future of the telco's IPTV services offering--which has evolved over the last year from