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Latest Headlines

AT&T ups U-verse rates, blames high cost of video programming

Blaming the increased cost of video programming, AT&T announced price hikes for its U-verse service starting in January.

AT&T and Tribune finally make retrans deal for U-verse

After numerous extensions and blackout threats, AT&T has agreed to a TV broadcast retransmission renewal deal with Tribune Media. The agreement between the two companies will keep Tribune's 26 network affiliates on AT&T's U-verse service.

U-verse still on the brink of blackout with Tribune after one-day extension

After agreeing to another short-term contract extension, 24 Tribune Media-owned network affiliates remain on AT&T U-verse.

U-verse facing blackout on Tribune as latest extension expires

Tribune Media has posted what it terms as a "final notice" to AT&T U-verse subscribers on its station websites, informing them that the group's 24 stations will go dark on the operator's program grid starting at 5 p.m. EST Tuesday if a new broadcast retransmission deal isn't agreed to.

AT&T's U-verse and Tribune extend retrans talks to Oct. 13

Tribune Media has agreed to another extension of its expired retrans deal with AT&T's U-verse, staving off a possible blackout involving 24 local TV stations on U-verse until 5 p.m. EST on Oct. 13.

AT&T renews Viacom pact, gets 'best deal in the industry'

AT&T said it has renewed its carriage deal with Viacom following the expiration of its carriage deal for U-verse on Sept. 30. The move ensures both U-verse and DirecTV customers will still be able to watch Viacom channels like MTV and Comedy Central.

Dish and Tegna pull back from the brink, extend current retrans deal 8 days

Tegna Media said it has agreed to an eight-day extension of its current retransmission licensing agreement with Dish Network, averting a black out involving 51 TV stations in 39 markets.

Blackout Thursday: DirecTV comes to terms with Media General; Dish and U-verse still haggling with station groups

Media General said that it has reached a renewal deal for broadcast retransmission licensing with DirecTV, avoiding a blackout that would have impacted 62 stations in 48 markets.

AT&T spreads DirecTV's Audience Network to U-verse, adds 6 million viewers to channel's audience base

AT&T will expand DirecTV's Audience Network beyond the confines of the satellite service for the first time, making it available to nearly 6 million U-verse video subscribers.

Tegna extends Dish 24 hours, as blackout-laden Thursday looms

Tegna Media said it has agreed to wait an additional 24 hours from the 7 p.m. EST expiration of its retrans deal tonight with Dish Network before blacking out its 46 stations on the satellite operator's service.