Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AT&T drives ultra-high-speed broadband into competitive markets in Texas and North Carolina

The digital divide is opening up once again. This time, though, the gap is between those with ultra-high-speed 1 Gbps broadband service and those with more conventional service.

What cord cutters? AT&T reaction shows there's still demand for wires

AT&T's plans to start replacing conventional telephone wireline service with U-verse VoIP are hitting resistance from consumers who, apparently, like the old way of doing things and are making sure that regulators know it.

AT&T takes on Comcast, WOW with U-verse launch in Augusta

Comcast and cable overbuilder WideOpenWest face new competition in Georgia from AT&T, which launched its U-verse TV and Internet products in Augusta on Thursday.

AT&T adds out-of-home Disney Channel, Fox News, Turner Networks content to U-verse App

AT&T U-Verse added 10 networks to the list of programmers that are allowing the provider to offer subscribers the ability to view live programming outside the home, including Disney Channel, Fox News Channel, Pivot, Disney Junior, BeIN Sports and BBC America.

AT&T, Google drive launch of Time Warner Cable 300 Mbps tier in Austin

Time Warner Cable will soon begin selling a wideband Internet tier with speeds of 300 Mbps in Austin, Texas, where it faces competition from AT&T U-verse Internet and Google Fiber.

Report: Telcos like AT&T are stealing subs from pay-TV providers

An Infonetics Reseach report just confirmed w hat many have suspected for some time--telco IPTV services like AT&T's U-verse are stealing market share away from cable operators because they are offering differentiated services.

AT&T's U-verse subs top 10.7M in Q4

AT&T's U-verse subscribers, for both TV and broadband, topped 10.7 million in the fourth quarter, the carrier said, making the U-verse platform a $13 billion annualized business for the company, growing at a rate of 28 percent per year.

AT&T blames U-verse Internet outage on 'web hosting service issue'

AT&T was hit with a major outage impacting its U-verse service, sources reported Monday.

AT&T recruiting U-verse installers as it cracks 100K pay-TV subs in Kansas City

AT&T said Thursday that it counts more than 100,000 U-verse TV subscribers in the Kansas City area, where it competes against Time Warner Cable and Google Fiber.

AT&T reports 'stronger than expected' GigaPower sales in Austin

AT&T said sales of a new 300 Mbps broadband service that it has been pitching for several weeks to subscribers in Austin have exceeded expectations. But the telco didn't detail how many customers have ordered its new GigaPower service.