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Latest Headlines

Report: Comcast will start charging overage fees in Atlanta Dec. 1

Comcast is testing metered billing for broadband customers and will expand those tests to the Atlanta market Dec. 1.

FCC commissioner Pai defends usage-based broadband

Washington-- Prohibiting usage-based broadband billing would be as unfair as the federal government requiring all restaurants to offer consumers all-you-can-eat menus, FCC commissioner Ajit Pai said here Monday at the American Cable Association Summit.

Time Warner Cable to expand usage-based broadband billing option nationwide

Time Warner Cable will offer a usage-based billing option to cable modem customers in every state it offers service except Hawaii by the end of December, CEO Glenn Britt said Monday.

FCC chairman 'concerned' about usage-based broadband pricing

Four months after encouraging cable operators and other broadband providers to experiment with usage-based broadband pricing, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said Tuesday that he is concerned about how consumers and Internet video competitors could be impacted by a shift away from unlimited data packages.

Mediacom rolls broadband caps; charges subscribers fees for excess usage

Mediacom Communications has revamped its broadband pricing strategy, implementing download caps and charging subscribers fees of $10 for each block of 50 gigabytes of data that exceed the caps.

Comcast to charge $10 for 50 GB to subscribers who bust data cap

Comcast will soon charge subscribers who bust its 300 GB monthly data cap $10 for each additional 50 GB of data that they consume in the billing cycle.

OpenVault pitches prepaid broadband, usage meters to small operators

Wayne, N.Y.-based technology company OpenVault is pitching several new high-speed data products to small cable operators, including a tool that could allow operators to offer pre-paid broadband services to subscribers.

Cox says it isn't charging overages, billing on usage

Cox Communications cleared the air on speculation that it might launch usage-based billing and charge overage fees on its broadband caps, saying it has no such plans. The speculation arose after a

Public Knowledge calls on FCC to probe broadband caps

Public Knowledge once again has appealed to the Federal Communications Commission to take a closer look at usage-based mobile data plans, a move that comes just after the release of a new

Time Warner Cable rolls usage-based billing option in southern Texas, testing waters for broader launch

Look for Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) to expand a usage-based pricing option for high-speed Internet access nationwide, if a program that offers $5 monthly discounts to light Internet users in