Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Dish reaches short-term extension with Viacom, holds off highly anticipated carriage war

Dish Network and Viacom have agreed to a short-term carriage extension, forestalling what many believe could be a protracted and bitter negotiation.

Viacom cable net revenue down 3.5%; analyst calls business model 'doomed'

Viacom's Philippe Dauman stridently defended his leadership, as well as the company's recent decision to give him a raise and appoint him executive chairman, as weak cable network performance dragged down Viacom profits once again in the most recent fiscal quarter.

Redstone resigns as chairman of Viacom and CBS, but isn't going away

Sumner Redstone has resigned from his positions as chairman of both CBS Corp. and Viacom. CBS CEO Les Moonves will take over as chairman of CBS Corp., while Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman will assume the chairmanship at his company.

Viacom CEO Dauman's 23% raise irks activist shareholder, analysts

After publishing a 99-page slideshow last week taking aim at the media company's management, Viacom activist shareholder Eric Jackson has directed his ire at the eyebrow-raising salary of company CEO Philippe Dauman.

Viacom's Dauman: Things could get 'a little rocky' with Dish negotiations

Conducting a wide-ranging Q&A with the  Los Angeles Times  as his company faces tumult in areas of top-level leadership, program ratings and share prices, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said he wouldn't be surprised if stalled carriage renewal talks with Dish Network weren't also soon one of his problems.

Comcast kicks Viacom's Spike and CMT out of lower-cost programming tier

Comcast has quietly moved two Viacom-owned channels, Spike TV and CMT, out of a less expensive programming tier in a move it says is intended to cut programming costs.

Viacom urges investors to reject mini-tender offer

Viacom has asked its shareholders to buck an unsolicited "mini-tender" offer from Canadian investment firm TRC Capital.

Moonves in line to succeed Redstone as CBS Corp. chairman: report

CBS Corp. chief executive Les Moonves is set to succeed 92-year-old Sumner Redstone as chairman of the powerful but struggling programming conglomerate CBS, per an agreement with Redstone's daughter, Shari Redstone. The   Wall Street Journal  reports that there's a condition in the family trust that mandates the succession once Redstone passes on or gets ruled incompetent to handle his affairs.

Ergen: Viacom has to be 'realistic' about its 'deteriorated' ratings

Note to executives for media companies about to engage Dish Network in carriage negotiations: When listening to Dish Chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen, brace yourself.

TiVo agrees to deliver set-top data to Viacom for ad targeting

Viacom has signed a deal with TiVo Research and Analytics to use the DVR maker's data from its 2.3 million set-tops in Viacom's ad sales.