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Latest Headlines

Viacom-Cablevision antitrust battle escalates with fraud allegations

The ongoing nasty antitrust court battle between Viacom and Cablevision has escalated with Viacom now alleging that Cablevision committed fraud when the two companies signed a carriage deal in 2012. Viacom wants that contract with the cable company to be rescinded.

Nickelodeon debuts first ever online-only series, no authentication required

Responding to a sudden and very steep ratings decline that shook the entire Viacom empire back in late-2011, Nickelodeon embarked on an ambitious quest to create successor hits to aging kid favorites like iCarly, SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer. One of the results is Welcome to the Wayne, which is the first ever Nickelodeon series to premiere online.

Cable One, NBC Sports Network avert blackout, sign six-month carriage extension

Officials for Phoenix, Ariz.-based Cable One say they have reached a temporary licensing agreement with NBCUniversal to keep the NBC Sports Network on its program guide for the next six months.

Court rejects Viacom's bid to throw out Cablevision bundling suit

A federal judge on Friday blocked Viacom's attempt to have a suit filed against it by Cablevision over its channel bundling practices dismissed.

Rural operators drop Viacom

Some 60 rural cable operators serving about 900,000 customers throughout the U.S. have ditched Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and other Viacom cable networks in the wake of failed contract negotiations between the operators and programmer.

Viacom's latest TV Everywhere spin: Users prefer it over other online services because of content

As complicated technology launches across sprawling industries go, the launch of TV Everywhere has been anything but quick and easy. But following a steady drumbeat of bad news about pay TV broadband migration initiative--cumbersome deal structures, limited customer awareness, etc.--some positive data is starting to sprinkle into the marketplace.

ACA seeks FCC support against Viacom blocking online content

The American Cable Association has appealed for help from the FCC in its battle with Viacom's decision to block access to its online content for small cable operators Cable One, Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, and potentially other ACA members.

Viacom buys its way into British TV market, reports higher profits in fiscal Q2

Viacom, hardly the most popular programming content provider among small U.S. cable operators, is spending $757 million to buy a little love on the other side of the ocean.

Viacom shuts down online access for Cable One subscribers

First, Cable One said it won't pay what Viacom wants for its programming, and removed the channels from its linear lineup. Now, Viacom has said Cable One subscribers can't have access to its online content either, and has erected a blockade to keep them out.

Small cities face dilemmas over franchise fees from Charter, Cable One

The ongoing spat between Cable One and Viacom over how much Viacom's programming is worth—and whether Cable One is willing to pay for it—could cause Duncan, Okla. to lose $130,000 in franchise fees. Meanwhile, in Chippewa Falls, Wis., city officials are considering eliminating the 2 percent franchise fee the city collects from Charter Communications cable subscribers.