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Latest Headlines

Dauman takes Redstone to court as battle for Viacom control continues

Viacom chief executive Philippe Dauman filed a complaint today, disputing his removal by company czar Sumner Redstone from a family trust that holds the keys to long-term control of the media empire.

Dish deal shows Viacom channels haven't lost their value, analysts say

The top media analysts have churned through the forensics of the carriage renewal deal between Dish and Viacom and the results are in: Viacom fared better than expected.

Dish carves multi-year renewal for Viacom, extracts live and VOD rights for Sling

Dish Network and Viacom announced a new multi-year carriage agreement, with the satellite operator securing live and VOD licensing rights to the conglomerate's programming for its IP-based Sling TV platform.

Dish's Ergen on Viacom deal: 'We're prepared to move on'

Dish Network Chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen said he sees a path to continued carriage in his company's current negotiations with Viacom, but that Dish is "prepared to move on as others have without the content."

Viacom stock craters as programmer warns viewers of Dish blackout

LAS VEGAS- The long-anticipated carriage battle between Dish Network and Viacom is officially a thing.

Viacom urged by analyst to sell off key assets, take cable channels private

Plying what is perhaps the strongest investment community pressure so far on struggling media giant Viacom, high-profile Bernstein analyst Todd Juenger has urged the moribund media giant's board to sell off its key assets and take cable channels such as MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon private.

Ergen on renewing Viacom: 'We would scratch our head' if they didn't want to be part of Sling

Offering a peak inside the complex bargaining for what is pay-TV's most closely watched ongoing carriage negotiation, Dish Network Chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen said "we'd scratch our head" it Viacom didn't want to be part of an OTT service like Dish's Sling TV.

Dish reaches short-term extension with Viacom, holds off highly anticipated carriage war

Dish Network and Viacom have agreed to a short-term carriage extension, forestalling what many believe could be a protracted and bitter negotiation.

Viacom cable net revenue down 3.5%; analyst calls business model 'doomed'

Viacom's Philippe Dauman stridently defended his leadership, as well as the company's recent decision to give him a raise and appoint him executive chairman, as weak cable network performance dragged down Viacom profits once again in the most recent fiscal quarter.

Redstone resigns as chairman of Viacom and CBS, but isn't going away

Sumner Redstone has resigned from his positions as chairman of both CBS Corp. and Viacom. CBS CEO Les Moonves will take over as chairman of CBS Corp., while Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman will assume the chairmanship at his company.