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Latest Headlines

Bewkes: Pay TV VOD interfaces still lag behind Netflix and iTunes

Highlighting what is fast becoming a vital growth sector for content providers, Time Warner Inc. CEO Jeff Bewkes paid special homage to video-on-demand at a New York speaking engagement.

Canoe now focused on dynamic ads in IP-based VOD

Canoe, the long-meandering technology consortium launched by the major MSOs more than six years ago, now has a focus and a concrete mission: developing dynamic ad insertion for pay-TV VOD delivered over IP-based channels.

Vubiquity buys VOD content and services provider FlexFilm Movies

Multiplatform video services company Vubiquity announced Wednesday that it has acquired U.K.-based FilmFlex Movies Ltd., which claims to be the biggest supplier of VOD content and storefront services in Europe.

Verizon defends FiOS VOD against group's pornography charges

FiOS on-demand provides an opportunity for viewers to selectively choose what suits their tastes--even if that selection includes programming that organizations like Morality in Media (MIM) find offensive and pornographic, a Verizon executive wrote in response to an ongoing demand from the anti-pornography organization.

Comcast signs electronic sell-through deal with Warner Bros.

Comcast has struck an electronic sell-through deal with Warner Bros. which will see it add "Gravity," "Argo," "The Great Gatsby" and other movies from the studio to its Xfinity On Demand digital store.

Canoe scores VOD advertising deals with ABC, ABC Family, Sportskool

NEW YORK--Canoe Ventures struck a deal with Walt Disney Co.'s ABC broadcast network and ABC Family that will see the networks deliver dynamic ads in video-on-demand programming, a top executive at the advertising technology consortium backed by Comcast and Time Warner Cable said here Wednesday at The TV of Tomorrow Show.

SeaChange hopeful that Comcast will upgrade to Adrenalin VOD platform

Comcast is still using a customized version of the Axiom video-on-demand platform from SeaChange International to deliver on-demand content to Xfinity TV subscribers. But SeaChange CEO Raghu Rau told analysts Thursday that the company is hopeful that the MSO will upgrade to its next-generation Adrenalin platform.

Report: Comcast to sell digital DVDs

Two years after scrapping a test in which it would sell video-on-demand movies to subscribers a few weeks after they're released in movie theaters, Comcast reportedly plans to begin selling movies to subscribers before they are released on DVD.

Verizon patent shows way to offer FiOS subs group discounts

Verizon may be able to boost sales of video-on-demand movies by offering group discounts to FiOS TV subscribers who would receive offers based on their viewing habits, according to a U.S. patent application published Thursday.

Nielsen: VOD available in 60% of U.S. homes

Set-tops capable of delivering video-on-demand content are available in 60 percent of U.S. homes, up from 37 percent penetration in 2008, Nielsen said in its "Cross-Platform Report" for the second quarter.