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Latest Headlines

Home network penetration to pass 33% of households by 2018, says ABI Research

Consumers continue to find utility in installing a home network to support their growing broadband data and video network needs. By 2018, worldwide penetration of home networks is forecast to rise from 24.8 percent in 2013 to 33.2 percent, according to ABI Research.

Comcast, NCTA cheer FCC 5 GHz Wi-Fi order

FCC commissioners agreed to open up 100 MHz of spectrum in the 5 GHz band available for use with Wi-Fi services, in a big win for Comcast and other broadband providers that have said they need more unlicensed spectrum to support advanced services.

Angelakis: Comcast has deployed 8 million wireless gateways

It's only been about 10 months since Comcast began deploying Xfinity Home Gateways from Cisco capable powering neighborhood hotspots, and the MSO has already installed 8 million of the devices in subscriber homes, CFO Michael Angelakis said Tuesday.

Wi-Fi deployments drive Ruckus to 17.5% jump in revenue

While Ruckus Wireless saw its fourth-quarter revenue jump 17.5 percent to $73 million, the Wi-Fi technology vendor, whose customers include Time Warner Cable, said most of its deployments in Q4 were overseas.

Comcast hitting Wi-Fi accelerator as hotspot count nears 1M

Comcast is approaching the milestone of 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots that its Xfinity customers can access, including hotspots in public areas and new neighborhood hotspots powered by wireless gateways Comcast is installing in subscriber homes.

Comcast serves up 10G Ethernet, cloud services for San Francisco 49ers

Comcast has won a new contract to provide the San Francisco 49ers a 10G Ethernet connection and cloud-based voice service, a deal that illustrates its growing presence in the sports team market segment, reports  FierceCable.

Comcast EVP Watson: Wi-Fi lets cable operators 'play offense'

Investments in installing new Wi-Fi gear in subscriber homes will give cable operators a long-term competitive advantage over pay TV rivals, Comcast Cable EVP and COO Dave Watson said Tuesday.

TWC report says mobile carriers can't meet demands for wireless data

Time Warner Cable released a research report Wednesday in which it says mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless can't meet increased demand for mobile data from subscribers using smartphones and tablets on their wireless networks.

Integration of cellular and Wi-Fi networks

Mass market proliferation of mobile applications and devices has led to increased data traffic flowing across wireless broadband networks.

Comcast buys stake in mobile Wi-Fi tech firm Benu Networks

Wi-Fi technology startup Benu Networks said Comcast Corp. is among the investors that participated in its second round of financing, which raised $26.6 million.