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Latest Headlines

YouTube, Amazon bring broadcasters around to OTT at NAB conference

LAS VEGAS-- Executives with Google's YouTube online video service and Amazon headlined the National Association of Broadcasters' Online Video Conference, putting a spotlight on the rapid changes taking place not just in online video, as virtual reality and consumer-friendly business models come to the fore, but also in the traditional broadcast community.

BroadbandTV stalks Google, Facebook in number of monthly views

Broadband TV, the Vancouver-based online video vendor that got its start, like other companies such as AwesomenessTV, within YouTube's multichannel network ecosystem, is now closing in on Google Sites and Facebook when it comes to monthly views of its video content.

Unlike Netflix, Facebook doesn't degrade video for specific mobile carriers

Facebook said it doesn't degrade the quality of its video for specific mobile network operators, unlike Netflix. But whether Amazon or YouTube do is still uncertain.

Google reportedly hopes to catch mobile live-streaming wave

Google may be adding another live streaming component to YouTube: VentureBeat reports that the company is creating a new app, YouTube Connect, which would face off against Twitter's Periscope and Facebook's live streaming initiative.

T-Mobile adds YouTube, adult content and more to Binge On

T-Mobile finally added YouTube to Binge On, filling a noticeable void that existed since the program's launch in November. But that isn't the only new Binge On content partner that's sure to raise eyebrows.

YouTube may see more ads targeted toward children with launch of Kidfluencer network

YouTube Kids, a specialized video destination launched by the Google-owned online video provider in 2015, has been a big target for brand advertisers hoping to catch the eye of young viewers-- ads that some advocacy groups say aren't always appropriate. Now a new service by ad company Super Awesome, Kidfluencer, plans to improve the experience across YouTube for both young viewers and advertisers.

Netflix: Half of all users watch video on phones, but only 10% of total viewing is mobile

BARCELONA, Spain-- Netflix said that fully half of all of its users watch video via the company's streaming service on their smartphones during any given month. However, the company said that only 10 percent of the company's total streaming load is sent to those smartphones.

YouTube helps drive Google's core business to $74.5B in Q4

Google's chart-topping video asset, YouTube, helped drive the unit's core Internet business-- which includes search and Android as well-- up 14 percent to $74.5 billion in 2015, Alphabet said in its fourth-quarter and year-end earnings report.

YouTube's business chief betting on virtual reality to boost platform

LAS VEGAS-- Robert Kyncl, YouTube's chief business officer, said virtual reality will be one of the few key drivers for Google's video strategy in the coming year. "I don't think digital video will grow linearly, I think it will grow exponentially," Kyncl said.

EFF: T-Mobile's Binge On really is throttling video

The process T-Mobile US uses to "optimize" streaming video for its Binge On offering is really just throttling the speed at which the content is delivered, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. And that throttling is applied to all HTML5 video streams, the organization claims, even when the phone is capable of downloading at higher speeds.