AMC Networks is officially launching its own virtual reality app that will host immersive experiences for series including “The Walking Dead."

Charter’s wireless ambitions continue to come into focus, with the company promising an “inside-out” strategy.

Blue Stream, a cable operator in Florida, this week joined WideOpenWest in announcing plans to deploy Remote PHY technology.

IBM is working on a plan to use Blockchain as a tool to help simplify and speed up the television ad buying and selling process.

Cable operators and vendors here at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo argue that their industry is making steady progress toward virtualization.

Technology company Metrological is partnering with ActiveVideo to develop tools to help pay TV operators integrate OTT services into their set tops. 

ABC and CBS were among a handful of companies represented at a meeting Friday for a presentation regarding a new measurement format.

Streaming TV service FuboTV was brought down this week for about one hour under the demand for World Cup qualifier matches.