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Latest Headlines

Cablevision sues Verizon, defends commercial targeting FiOS

Cablevision has filed its second advertising-related lawsuit against Verizon in the last five months, defending a TV commercial that claims Verizon's FiOS service partially relies on cable to deliver video and Internet into residences.

Canoe's Pizzurro on the company's big pivot to dynamic ad insertion

Describing Canoe's upward trajectory, Chris Pizzurro, head of product sales and marketing for the joint venture, breaks out the old hockey-stick metaphor. For anyone who has been closely following the trajectory of Canoe's puck, this is a bit of a surprise. FierceCable 's Daniel Frankel chats with Pizzurro about Canoe's VOD DAI aspirations.

CAB drops 'cable' from name to become Video Advertising Bureau, adds broadcasters

Yet another industry trade group has purged the word "cable" from its branding, with the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau announcing Monday that it is incorporating broadcasters and re-monikering as the Video Advertising Bureau.

Comcast to share viewer data with NBCUniversal

Four years after Comcast closed its acquisition of NBC Universal, the entertainment and media conglomerate finally has access to the cable parent's set-top data.

The year of wireless charging finally arrives

After fits and starts, the wireless charging market appears to be finally ready for takeoff. Momentum started last year, when Starbucks announced it would roll out Powermat wireless charging first in the San Francisco Bay Area and then on a national scale.

Verizon's skinny bundle porks up fast with add-ons, Consumer Reports finds

Count Consumer Reports as not impressed by Verizon's attempt to create smaller, more flexible pay-TV bundles for customers. In a post published Wednesday, columnist Eileen McCoy described a frustrating scenario in which she paid more than she expected while missing out on channels that she regularly watches.

Pay-TV subscriber growth saw weak Q1 but still added 10K, report says

Leichtman Research Group found that the 13 largest pay-TV operators grew video subscriptions by less than 10,000 customers in the first quarter, signaling a major slowdown from the 250,000 added in Q1 2014--but not the actual recession signaled by an earlier analyst report.

Cablevision confirms addressable advertising deal with Disney/ESPN

Desperate to develop alternative revenue streams for a video business being hammered by competition from IPTV services, Cablevision has entered into a deal to sell its new addressable advertising products to ESPN and the Walt Disney Company.

INTX 2015 recap: Winners and losers

In this special report, FierceCable takes a look at the companies and entities that came out on top during last week's INTX show--and those that didn't do as well. Let us know if you agree with our selections.

Cablevision strikes deal to provide addressable ad data to ESPN, report says

ESPN is reportedly set to announce at its upfront presentation to advertisers Tuesday a new deal in which it will use viewer data compiled by Cablevision to sell and package its commercial time.