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Latest Headlines

Comcast apologizes after service call gets 4M viral listens, exposes customer retention policies

Comcast has issued a public apology in the wake of an embarrassing, virally distributed incident involving one of its customer retention representatives.

Cable networks AMC, Discovery, others face hard times, analyst says

After a highly profitable three-year run, pay-TV programmers, particularly "pure-play" cable networks, are facing some tough times.

Comcast ads to tout benefits of TWC merger for low-income families

Purporting to have helped 1.2 million low-income American families and 30,000 U.S. schools connect to the Internet, Comcast wants to advertise that its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable will further aid those causes.

CAB: Millennial women not cutting the cord, watching much more pay TV than online video

A new report by the Cable Advertising Bureau suggests that the notion of cord cutting among millennials, particularly women 18-24, is greatly exaggerated.

Bewkes: Pay TV VOD interfaces still lag behind Netflix and iTunes

Highlighting what is fast becoming a vital growth sector for content providers, Time Warner Inc. CEO Jeff Bewkes paid special homage to video-on-demand at a New York speaking engagement.

Canoe now focused on dynamic ads in IP-based VOD

Canoe, the long-meandering technology consortium launched by the major MSOs more than six years ago, now has a focus and a concrete mission: developing dynamic ad insertion for pay-TV VOD delivered over IP-based channels.

TV Everywhere and the World Cup: Big ad dollars, but no 'watershed' for viewership

Billed by one ESPN executive last week as a potential "watershed moment" in terms of audience usage of TV Everywhere products, ESPN and Univision coverage of the World Cup, which kicked off Thursday, will likely not break viewership records on mobile devices in the U.S.

Netflix cutting into the pay TV market, report says

A new Leichtman Research Group poll found that 48 percent of U.S. households that don't subscribe to pay TV now pay a monthly Netflix bill, up from just 29 percent in 2012 and 16 percent in 2010.

Dissatisfaction over cable service reaches all-time high

Calling the relationship between cable providers and their customers a "soup of misery," a management consulting firm says subscriber dissatisfaction with cable service has reached an all-time high, with 53 percent of surveyed consumers saying they'd ditch their service if they had more choices.

We Network widens its focus to engage more men

AMC's We Networks will keep its name--a reference to Women's Entertainment--but will widen its focus to include more men, a network executive said.