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Latest Headlines

BlackArrow acquired by Cross MediaWorks in latest ad-tech M&A deal

BlackArrow, the ad tech company working with cable-industry joint venture Canoe to grow pay-TV's dynamic ad-insertion (DAI) business, has been acquired by Cross MediaWorks.

Standard Media Index: Cable advertising spending increased 1% in July

Cable TV advertising experienced a slight increase of 1 percent for the month thanks to a strong showing by MTV and the Discovery Channel. Overall TV ad spending was up 7 percent in July compared to the previous year, according to Standard Media Index.

Comcast buys ad insertion and IP video platform firm This Technology

Comcast has acquired Denver-based This Technology, which specializes in dynamic ad insertion technology and has an IP video back office platform. According to Multichannel News, most of the company's 63 employees will be joining Comcast's VIPER (Video IP Engineering and Research) team that works on the company's video infrastructure for IP services and some will join Comcast Wholesale, which is also based in Denver.

Lansing quits CTAM to join broadcasting group

CTAM President and CEO John Lansing is leaving the marketing group to take a job as CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent government agency that oversees all U.S. international news broadcasting. According to the BBG, Lansing will start his new role in September.

Cablevision fires back; it can't call Verizon a liar, but it can say lots of other mean things about FiOS

Cablevision continued its communications war with Verizon, releasing a statement clarifying that a court ruling only restricts the MSO from calling Verizon a liar in advertisements. The MSO said it can move forward with boasting all sorts of other superiority claims regarding its Optimum service.

Breaking down U.S. wireless carrier TV ad spending in July

U.S. wireless carriers spent an estimated $183.4 million on TV advertising in July, down $450,000 from June. Partnering with TV advertising measurement firm iSpot.TV,  FierceWireless  has a full breakdown of U.S. wireless TV ad spending.

Wurl unveils new ad-tech feature, AdSpring, for streaming video to pay-TV set-tops

Wurl, a Silicon Valley startup that specializes in streaming online video to the growing number of hybrid IP/QAM pay-TV set-top boxes, is launching a new ad-tech service that lets online content owners and pay-TV operators monetize this streaming.

Hulu's value proposition to cable operators: stemming subscriber losses

BOSTON--Cable operators that integrate Hulu's over-the-top video service into their lineup will get, in return, happier subscribers who are much less likely to churn. At least, that's the value proposition put forth by Hulu's Jim Galley, director of the company's distribution and strategic partnerships, in a panel session at The Independent Show here.

First Sling TV ads paint pay-TV companies as school-yard bullies

Dish Network has launched the first series of TV commercials for Sling TV since launching the OTT service in early February.

Canoe: Dynamic ad insertion into cable VOD spikes another 8% in Q2

Driven by increasing participation from programmers, Canoe reported an 8 percent quarter-to-quarter uptick in dynamic ad insertion (DAI) impressions into cable VOD for the second quarter.