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Latest Headlines

Hulu's value proposition to cable operators: stemming subscriber losses

BOSTON--Cable operators that integrate Hulu's over-the-top video service into their lineup will get, in return, happier subscribers who are much less likely to churn. At least, that's the value proposition put forth by Hulu's Jim Galley, director of the company's distribution and strategic partnerships, in a panel session at The Independent Show here.

First Sling TV ads paint pay-TV companies as school-yard bullies

Dish Network has launched the first series of TV commercials for Sling TV since launching the OTT service in early February.

Canoe: Dynamic ad insertion into cable VOD spikes another 8% in Q2

Driven by increasing participation from programmers, Canoe reported an 8 percent quarter-to-quarter uptick in dynamic ad insertion (DAI) impressions into cable VOD for the second quarter.

Comcast opens hood on NBCU cross-promo strategy 'Symphony'

Making good on its promise to investors to turn its 2011 purchase of NBCUniversal into a cross-platform-advertising powerhouse, Comcast has pulled back the veil to its broad, multi-media advertising product, which it calls "Symphony."

Comcast accused of running manipulative 'push poll' in response to Philly customer service study

Consumer activist publication  The Consumerist  has once again taken aim at Comcast, reporting that the cable giant conducted a manipulative "push poll" in response to a negative customer satisfaction survey published by the City of Philadelphia in April.

Comcast redesigns customer support forums, continues charm campaign

Comcast announced Tuesday that it has redesigned its subscriber support forums in efforts to improve its customer service reputation.

Verizon tops another consumer satisfaction poll, but pay-TV metrics slide 3% overall

Just one day after Consumer Reports found declining consumer satisfaction among American consumers using pay-TV services, the American Customer Satisfaction Index released a report nearing mirroring the unhappy findings. In the annual independent survey of 70,000 U.S. consumers, Verizon FiOS finished atop pay-TV services, with its "71" score rising 4 percent over 2014 and placing just ahead of AT&T U-verse.

Mediacom wins race to bottom of customer service rankings for bundled services, edging TWC

Despite well-backed pledges to change behavior by the No. 1 operator, Comcast, the cable industry continues to deliver terrible scores in key customer satisfaction polls. But in the rankings of those packaging TV and Internet services, mid-sized, Midwest-dispersed cable operator Mediacom finished dead last, just behind Time Warner Cable.

Suddenlink becomes the latest MSO to integrate Hulu

St. Louis-based mid-sized cable operator Suddenlink Communications has become the latest MSO to integrate Hulu into its program guide.

Comcast notifies Atlanta customers of rate hike, says it's just part of earlier announced price increases

Comcast has issued a memo to customers in the Atlanta area, warning them about rate increases set to take effect July 1.