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Latest Headlines

TWC tries 'mea culpa' approach in new ad campaign

A few years back, Dominos started a "mea culpa" trend in advertising, producing a series of TV commercials basically admitting that the quality of the chain's pizzas had gone bad, and that it had realized the error of its ways, faced its critics, and reinvented its own pies.

Cablevision dives deeper into addressable TV ads and DAI with Google partnership

LAS VEGAS-- New York-based Cablevision is upping its investment in advanced advertising and dynamic ad insertion, teaming with Google's DoubleClick ad platform to enable better decisioning around purchasing and placement of ads during TV time slots, the company announced here at the National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow.

Canoe says it delivered 4.13B VOD DAI ad impressions in Q1, up 70% year-over-year

Cable industry advanced ad consortium Canoe said 4.13 billion VOD dynamic ad insertion (DAI) impressions were delivered over its platform in the first quarter, a 70 percent year-over-year increase.

AOL launches 'self-serve' programmatic TV buying platform

AOL is trying to extend its reach into the $74 billion U.S. TV advertising market by offering what it calls a "self-serve" tool for programmatic ad purchasing.

Dish signs deal to provide set-top data to Nielsen, re-ups with comScore

Dish Network has signed separate multi-year agreements with Nielsen and comScore to provide the research companies with data from its network of pay-TV set-tops.

Cablevision Media Sales partners with Fourthwall to expand out of New York market

Cablevision's media sales division has expanded its capability to offer clients inventory beyond the New York TV market by carving out an agreement with viewer data company Fourthwall.

AT&T launching its own upfront market to sell addressable ads

AT&T's advanced TV advertising division, AdWorks, has announced the formation of a new upfront market to sell addressable inventory.

TWC to deliver household-level addressable ad campaigns

Time Warner Cable has expanded the capabilities of its Ads Everywhere platform, allowing advertising clients to target ads at the household level.

TiVo study says brands who move away from TV advertising suffer

TiVo's research division released a new report suggesting brands are pennywise, dollar-foolish when they move their advertising dollars out of television.

AT&T takes the lead among the top five spenders for wireless ads on TV

T-Mobile turned up big during Super Bowl 50 but it was AT&T that ended up leading the pack among the biggest wireless ad spenders during February.