M2M and Connected Devices

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Latest Headlines

Bluetooth SIG offers SDK to jump-start development around IoT

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is determined to make it easier for developers to create products for the Internet of Things (IoT), culminating in the beta release of its Bluetooth Developer Studio software-based development kit.

Ericsson connects with Scania, Royal Institute of Technology on 5G

As part of the "5G for Sweden" initiative, Ericsson is joining forces with Scania and Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology to develop products via their Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL). The joint initiative will explore areas such as autonomous buses and improved systems for traffic management.

AT&T, Cisco say security remains key concern in Internet of Things

ORLANDO, Fla.--If a recent Goldman Sachs forecast that there will be 28 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020 comes true, AT&T and other service providers enabling these connections will have a large security challenge on their hands.

Cambridge research could lead to new ways of integrating antennas on a chip

Researchers from the UK's University of Cambridge say they have unraveled one of the mysteries of electromagnetism, a breakthrough that could enable the design of antennas small enough to be integrated into an electronic chip. The development could have implications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Amazon gets OK from U.S. regulators for new drone tests

After complaining that U.S. regulators were dragging their feet when it comes to approving drone tests, Amazon received the go-ahead to begin testing its Prime Air drones in private U.S. airspace. The approval covers a period of two years.

Freckle IoT, Blue Bite set out to create largest proximity-based beacon network in North America

Freckle IoT, an ad tech company in Toronto that activates next-generation connected devices, is partnering with New York-based Blue Bite, which provides mobile technology for the retail industry. The partnership involves the deployment of 60,000 beacons across  the United States, creating what's believed to be  North America's largest proximity network.

USPS eyes augmented reality glasses to save money, improve efficiency

Set aside those ideas about an antiquanted U.S. Postal Service. The USPS Office of Inspector General is eyeing augmented reality to drive down costs and improve efficiencies.

Comcast locks in Xfinity Home security technology piece

Comcast has locked in an integral element in its Xfinity Home platform by adding the Kwikset SmartCode 914 touchpad electronic deadbolt to its features list. Xfinity Home customers outfitted with the deadbolt--suggested retail price $219.99--will be able to lock and unlock their doors remotely via the Xfinity Home app or an Internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Madden: Small cells are finally taking off

For the past three years, I've been saying that 2015 will be "the year when you will see small cells ramp up." Six months ago, I was getting pretty nervous because the firm orders had not come through and semiconductor backlog was weak. I felt like a weatherman predicting rain after a five-year drought... everyone wants to believe that it's true, but there is no evidence on the ground. Now, the drought is ending. Mobile operators have ended the endless field trials, and have moved toward reliance on small cells for network capacity and enterprise applications.

Thread Group, ZigBee Alliance announce collaboration to reduce IoT fragmentation

The ZigBee Alliance and the Thread Group announced a new collaboration they said will allow the ZigBee Cluster Library to run over Thread networks. The groups said their goal is to "jointly provide an interoperable solution to help streamline product development and ultimately improve the consumer's experience in the connected home."