M2M and Connected Devices

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Latest Headlines

Report: Google to unveil 'Brillo' operating system for the Internet of Things

Google is creating an operating system for the Internet of Things and likely will unveil it next week at its I/O developer conference, according to multiple reports.  

Report: Connected cars could cause spikes in data traffic at rush hour

Wireless carriers have been eager to get into the connected car market as a way to boost subscriber and revenue growth. However, according to a new report from research firm Machina Research, traffic jams in the future could cause major spikes in mobile data traffic as more connected cars compete with smartphones and tablets for spectrum.

AT&T working with connected car partners on exclusive content, games

AT&T Mobility plans to release exclusive content, including videos and games, that can be streamed onto smartphones and tablets inside connected cars later this year, according to an AT&T executive.

Apple says first smart home HomeKit devices are coming in June

Apple said the first pieces of hardware for smart homes running on its HomeKit software will be released next month. The statement by Apple pushes back against a Fortune article that said the first launches would be in late August or September, later than had been expected by some.

Los Angeles to upgrade street lights with GPS

The city of Los Angeles is emerging a leader in smart city lights. While the city currently has the ability to control about 50,000 of its 160,000 LED streetlights remotely, an upgrade will add GPS capability,  CNN Money  reports.

The year of wireless charging finally arrives

After fits and starts, the wireless charging market appears to be finally ready for takeoff. Momentum started last year, when Starbucks announced it would roll out Powermat wireless charging first in the San Francisco Bay Area and then on a national scale.

Wireless power: Who's leading the charge?

A lot of people have been working on wireless charging for a lot of years. What makes anyone so sure that 2015 will be "the year" for wireless charging? A few things are converging to make 2015 different from years past, prompting this latest feature, where we examine some of the forces that are in place that make some very smart people predict that indeed, this is The Year.

What makes a smart city so smart?

It's no secret that cities are trying to get smarter through wireless technologies. Smart cities will use an estimated 1.1 billion connected things this year alone, according to Gartner. That figure is expected to jump to 9.7 billion by 2020.

From Z-Wave to ZigBee: new VP Walters sees changes in the IoT air

Even though the ZigBee Alliance's new vice president of strategic development has been in the industry for more than a decade, he still sees the Internet of Things as a very young space.

Samsung seeks to jumpstart IoT with Artik platform

Samsung Electronics is trying to help everybody move faster to deliver on the Internet of Things (IoT), unveiling its set of Artik-branded modules that contain the processors, memory, communications chips and software required for device makers to create connected devices.