Aereo woos tech savvy execs at New York startup incubator

Executives from Aereo TV threw a party Wednesday night at New York startup incubator General Assembly, looking to generate more interest in its online TV platform as it gears up for a March 14 launch.

Aereo GA incubator NYC

New Yorkers listen in at this General Assembly incubator meeting (image courtesy of Aereo).

The event featured demonstrations of its $12 monthly service, which will allow New York residents to watch live TV from 20 local broadcast stations on mobile phones, tablet computers and connected TV devices such as Roku and Apple TV. In addition to a pitch from Aereo CEO  Chet Kanojia, the event featured presentations from Aereo's Boston-based user experience team, an attendee told FierceCable.

Aereo is marketing its product as a service that would appeal to mobile phone and tablet users that want to watch local broadcast programming, and it could also appeal to viewers that don't subscribe to basic cable. The company, whose investors include Barry Diller's IAC and Lauder Partners managing partner Gary Lauder, uses thousands of dime-sized antennas that allow users to store local broadcast programming on DVRs located at Aereo facilities. Aereo could also help cable operators pressure broadcasters to reduce retransmission-consent fees, since it may be able to make it easier for viewers in New York and other cities to watch over-the-air programming.

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