CEO of L2 arrested for allegedly placing tap on Mediacom network

Kraig Beahn, the president and CEO of L2 Networks, a Mediacom Communications rival, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly tapping into Mediacom's network in Albany, Ga., in order to sell high-speed Internet and phone service to an L2 customer.

Beahn, 29, was charged with felony theft of service on Jan. 4, and says he was released by police on Jan. 5 after spending the night in jail. While Beahn called the charges "frivolous," he wouldn't detail the events that led to his arrest, citing a "gag order" that has been placed on the case by a magistrate judge.

"We feel it's anticompetitive, and it's driven directly by an attempt to either slow us down or displace us in the local community," Beahn told FierceCable Wednesday. L2 hasn't lost any customers as a result of the arrest, he added.

Mediacom VP of legal and public affairs Tom Larsen said Mediacom learned about L2's "illegal connection" from a local utility company. "When our local team went to investigate, they discovered a Mediacom modem connected to two car batteries that was wired into our cable plant and being used to serve a nearby business. Our team contacted the local authorities. Upon interviewing the business owner, it was discovered that they had contracted with L2 Networks for service," Larsen said.

According to a report on Albany TV station WALB-TV, L2 was using Mediacom's network to provide service to Albany-based L2 customer Adtran Logistics.

Beahn says that L2 was founded in 2005, and it provides high-speed Internet access and VoIP phone services to commercial customers in Georgia. L2 provides video transport services for media companies and TV stations, Beahn said. "That's our bread and butter," he added.

Beahn declined to say how many customers L2 has.

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