Dish debuts $1K SlingStudio, entry-level production solution for live social video streaming

LAS VEGAS—Identifying an opening in the market created by Facebook Live, YouTube and other live video platforms, Dish Network today introduced SlingStudio, an entry-level wireless, portable multicamera production solution.

Starting at $999, Sling Studio lets users capture broadcast-quality HD video from up to 10 wirelessly connected video sources (including smartphones) over a private Wi-Fi network. Makers use an iPad Console app to manage all the video streams, conducting video and sound editing, while video is simultaneously recorded to an external USB hard drive and uploaded to the appropriate social video platform.  

Entire project files can be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other video editing applications.

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The announcement was made at the NAB convention in Las Vegas on Monday morning.

"Existing multicamera video platforms run upwards of $5,000 at a market entry point. Where Facebook and YouTube have democratized live streaming, SlingStudio is democratizing the gear that directors need to make those streams great," said Dish CTO Vivek Khemka, in a statement. "With its accessible price and easy-to-use apps, SlingStudio changes how content creators can think about producing video."

Of course, $999 is just a starting point. Dish is selling a range of expansion accessories, including “CameraLink,” a $349 adapter that connects via HDMI and enables wireless connectivity of cameras. Dish is also charging $149 for a battery, which powers the system with three additional hours of portable juice.

"We consider SlingStudio a high-production, low-cost concept," Khemka added. "It’s powerful and flexible enough to allow directors to knit together professional-quality video with the equipment they already have on hand – from high-end cameras to audio gear to smartphones."