Jinni deploys mood-based program guide on Belgacom set-tops

Belgian cable operator Belgacom deployed a recommendation engine from Jinni on digital set-tops that allows subscribers to browse for content based on mood.

Instead of categorizing content in genres such as comedy or drama, Belgacom is letting subscribers pick titles based on moods such as "bittersweet," which delivers movies such as "Good Will Hunting" or "sexual," which delivers steamier titles such as Sharon Stone's "Basic Instinct." Selecting the "suspenseful" mood delivers "Silence of the Lambs."

Belgacom is the first multichannel provider to deploy Jinni's product, but the company says it is talking to U.S. operators about integrating its recommendation engine on their program guides. In 2010, Jinni was named "best product idea" at a CableLabs conference.

In addition to letting subscribers browse content based on mood, Belgacom is offering subscribers "taste channels" that suggest content based on viewing habits and content that the subscribers have rated. It is also offering subscribers a "Live for Me" feature that Jinni said will suggest live TV programs that viewers would enjoy.

Belgacom invested €2 million in Jinni in 2010. Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) has also licensed the company's recommendation engine technology.

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