Motorola Mobility CEO: Cable operators must offer mobile video to consumers in order to grow

ATLANTA -- Suggesting that cable operators need to obtain rights to distribute pay TV programming to mobile subscribers, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha said the industry needs to "change its interaction model with the consumer."

SCTE cable tec Expo 2011 Sanjay Jha

Jha, at right, on stage at the Cable-Tec Expo on Tuesday.

Viacom, Fox and other cable programmers have resisted attempts by Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and other MSOs to distribute live TV networks to mobile devices such as Apple's iPad to subscribers even when they are within their own home. While Jha didn't refer to negotiations between cable operators and programmers involving rights to mobile video, he emphasized that the industry can deliver content to mobile viewers through secure WiFi networks.

"The content has to be protected. I think we have the security to protect WiFi," Jha said.

The surge in popularity of mobile devices offers a huge revenue opportunity for cable operators, Jha said. "All of these devices have to come home. This industry delivers that content to the home and all of these devices will be in close proximity of that big broadband pipe," he added.

While cable's broadband pipe puts it in the catbird seat, Jha noted that Internet video providers are looking to get a cut of the $200 billion to $220 billion in revenue that the cable industry generates each year in subscription and advertising revenue. "There is a threat as well. You see over-the-top product introductions. People are looking to go after that revenue," he added.

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