Say what you will about the newly consolidated AT&T, it's still four times smaller than Amazon.

MobiTV said today that it has secured streaming rights with more than 210 programming networks for the app-based managed pay TV service.

Comcast has announced a partnership with water tech company Neptune Technology Group to provide advanced water metering for smart cities.

The cable industry, already investing billions of dollars on things like DOCSIS 3.1 network upgrades, lauded the sunset of Title II rules.

Comcast will formalize its $60 billion offer for 21st Century Fox assets should a D.C. federal court side with AT&T in its bid to buy Time Warner Inc.

Two women’s advocacy groups are calling on Comcast and its CEO, Brian Roberts, to do more to improve its corporate culture.

Comcast's unique bylaws render its chairman and CEO virtually unfireable, Bloomberg reports.

WideOpenWest will spend a bulk of its $25 million reinvestment on improving its customer service acumen, according to CEO Teresa Elder.