RCN CEO Jim Holanda made his appearance yesterday in the DOJ trial to stop AT&T from buying Time Warner Inc.

After announcing an expanded collaboration between Comcast and Netflix, the cable operator is beginning to market the SVOD service in its bundles. 

Charter Communications has been billed by at least one analyst as a better stock purchase than Comcast after the latter's $31 billion bid for Sky.

A group representing Comcast, Charter and Cox, is teaming with AT&T to lobby against net neutrality rules emerging from the California State Senate.

Comcast and Netflix representatives stridently denied reports that the cable company used threats of paid prioritization charges to push Netflix.

ZoneTV has announced that two more of its SVOD platforms have been integrated into Comcast’s pay TV offering. 

While Comcast routinely receives rough coverage in the tech press for its anti-Title II stance and its customer service track record, the cable giant seems to…

A Massachusetts town will has to pay $720,000 if it wants Charter to build a broadband network—a network Charter will own and monetize going forward.

Montreal-based cable conglomerate Cogeco seems to be getting the growth it wanted from its Metrocast purchase in January.