Skype founder promises free wireless broadband through FreedomPop

LightSquared said Thursday that it struck a deal with Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom which could lead to the launch next year of the nation's first free wireless broadband and voice service.

Freedompop website Lightsquared


FreedomPop, a company backed by Zennstrom, signed a wholesale network agreement with LightSquared, which will allow it to launch its unique wireless service. LightSquared and FreedomPop said the venture will initially target underserved areas of the country.

FreedomPop didn't say how it will make a business out of supplying free broadband and voice connections. The early days of the Internet saw the emergence of several free dial-up services such as NetZero, which offered users free Internet connections in exchange for delivering a barrage of ads to their browsers. Zennstrom could pursue a similar model with FreedomPop.

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