Roku executives announced a new 4K/HDR-capable player targeted at pay TV operators, in what looks like a move to multiple markets.

Despite the absence of election-year advertising, Meredith’s local media group reported what it said were record quarterly revenues of $154 million.

Time Warner's Q3 revenues rose 6% to $7.6 billion thanks to surprise box-office hits, TV successes like “Rick and Morty,” and rising sub revenues.

Comcast said it lost nearly 125,000 pay TV customers in the third quarter but still managed to increase revenue in its cable division by 5.1%.

As expected, the impact of no Olympics coverage in 2017 is hitting hard, dropping ad spending on broadcast television by 24% in the third quarter.

As it works to sign deals with local CBS stations for its virtual pay TV service, AT&T is now providing all of the nearly 800,000 DirecTV Now users access…

Some of the other news we've been tracking today.

AT&T is developing a new Android TV-powered DirecTV set-top box that features no satellite connectivity at all.