In an effort to expand cross-platform reach, Viacom and Comcast have signed a multiyear agreement to partner on advanced advertising and data.

Samsung believes there ought to be more episodic virtual reality shows, and it has a plan to help creators generate that type of content.

Cross-platform measurement company comScore has named board member and Bryan Wiener as chief executive officer, effective May 30.

WideOpenWest has named Matt Bell as its new chief technology officer, the latest among top-level executive hires under new CEO Teresa Elder.

Whether the sense of competition is real or perceived between the AV1 and current video compression standard HEVC, the battle lines are being drawn.

Comcast and Charter said today that they’ve agreed to jointly develop and use a common operating platform for their respective MVNO-based mobile services. 

About one year after Fox, Turner and Viacom teamed up to launch cross-audience ad platform OpenAP, NBCUniversal has joined the effort and helped raise the…

NBCUniversal is joining OpenAP, the cross-audience platform for selling targeted TV advertising formed in 2017 by Fox, Turner and Viacom.

Netflix has long been a major and faithful customer of Amazon Web Services but reports suggest the SVOD is experimenting with rival Google Cloud.