Viacom CEO Bob Bakish unequivocally squashed the rumor that Viacom was interested in buying a stake in Vice.

Netflix's Ted Sarandos worried that a merger between Netflix and a larger media company might throw the company's strategy into disarray.

The National Football League, using Voke’s TrueVR platform, will begin offering personalized virtual reality highlights.

Sports programming now costs pay-TV consumers an average of $18.37 a month and accounts for 40% of programming costs for cable, satellite and telco providers.

Canada’s attempt to disaggregate the cable bundle through regulation appears stuck in the ice. 

21st Century Fox seems content to watch for now as competitors like CBS jump headfirst into direct-to-consumer streaming products.

T-Mobile’s CFO argues that cable companies keen on entering the wireless space won’t be able to effectively do so through a simple MVNO resale agreement.

Hulu will begin rolling out 4K Ultra HD content as its primary competitors Netflix and Amazon have already begun building their own UHD libraries.