The Promise of the Cloud
September 7, 2016 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Akamai |

Broadcasters, studios and on-line video companies have been using cloud services for many years. In this webinar, Akamai will review the business rationale and benefits of using cloud technology for on-line media workflow processes and how well the technology has performed against the promise. Register Now!

The DDoS Mitigation Playbook for Managed Services
Corero |

Playbook: Capitalize on the DDoS threat by providing DDoS security services to your customers. Download here.

Enhancing your Services Portfolio with Managed DDoS Protection
August 2, 2016 | 11am ET / 8am PT | Corero |

Join this session to better understand how real-time DDoS protection allows for a significant revenue generating opportunity, which improves the carrier’s overall competitive value proposition, and provides an opportunity to offer differentiated value-add security services. Register Now!

Monetizing Cloud DVR Technology
ARRIS and Nagra |

As pay-TV customers consume more on-demand content, operators are beginning to consider virtualizing DVR. The advantages for consumers are numerous, while operators will save money on CPE costs and more. Download this complimentary eBook to learn how to stand out in the competitive video marketplace.

Thriving In Today's Exploding OTT Marketplace
Comcast Wholesale and Vindicia |

Gone are the days of limited channels or viewers conditioned to plan around program schedules. Learn the factors to consider as OTT video service providers have disrupted the "on-demand" model with personalized video experiences. Download Today!

Digital Goods, Services and Fourth Wave Taxation: What Communications Service Providers Need to Know
Avalara |

This complimentary whitepaper brought to you by Avalara serves as an introduction to how CSPs should prepare for tax compliance in this brave new world of cutting-edge services in a digital economy. Download today!

The Battle Over LTE Unlicensed
Azimuth |

As data traffic booms, the cellular industry is keen to expand LTE transmissions into unlicensed spectrum. But deploying LTE in unlicensed spectrum does not sit well with companies that have lots of Wi-Fi assets. Where is this space heading? Download Today!

executive summary
Executive Summary | DDoS Impact and Opportunity in the Service Provider Environment
Corero |

This paper focuses on a recent FierceTelecom survey that sheds light on the importance of DDoS protection, various ways providers are already tackling DDoS attacks, and more. Download Today!

The 5G Vision: Preparing for the Next Stage in Wireless Networks
Cisco, F5, and InterDigital |

Although wireless operators globally are still expanding their 4G LTE footprint, the industry's attention is already turning to 5G. This eBook will discuss how operators are preparing for 5G while at the same time continuing to meet coverage and performance goals for their 4G networks and more. Download today!

Overcoming Backhaul Challenges

As mobile operators strive to “densify” their networks with microsites and other small cell solutions, the need for adequate backhaul remains a big concern. But there is no magic solution to the backhaul demand. This eBrief will discuss why microwave is growing in popularity to supplement fiber for backhaul in the U.S. and more. Download today!