Aereo targets 17M homes with launches in Dallas, Houston, Miami

Aereo is beginning to market its platform to an additional 17 million homes, announcing Thursday that it'll launch next month in Dallas, Houston and Miami.

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) has been suggesting Aereo--which distributes a package of 20 local broadcast channels through Web browsers and mobile devices--as an option for subscribers in the New York area impacted by its CBS blackout. But since Aereo said it won't launch in Dallas until Sept. 23, its platform may not have an impact on TWC's retransmission-consent negotiations there. CBS kicks off its coverage of the 2013 National Football League season on Sept. 8, and it's likely the companies will settle the dispute before then.

Aereo said its local TV platform will be available to 6.7 million homes in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, 5.7 million homes in Houston and about 5 million in Miami. Following a previously announced launch on Aug. 19 in Utah, Aereo said it'll debut in Miami on Sept. 2 and in Houston on Sept. 16.

Aereo, which launched in March 2012 in New York, hasn't disclosed its subscriber count.

In January, Aereo announced plans to expand to 22 additional markets, including the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. "We will be making additional announcements on our expansion cities over the next several weeks," spokeswoman Virginia Lam said Thursday.

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