Boxee CEO Avner Ronen talks about the Boxee Box, programming, Netflix, Hulu, and an industry revolution

FierceOnlineVideo caught up with Boxee CEO Avner Ronen last Week at Streaming Media West in Los Angeles, where he talked at length about the Boxee Box, its $199 price tag, content providers, Boxee CEO Avner RonenHulu Plus, Netflix and the future of streaming media.

The Boxee Box ships Wednesday and should start arriving in the hands of those folks who pre-ordered it as early as Thursday. Ronen
said the device should start appearing in stores on Nov. 17, and will also launch worldwide by the middle of the month.

He says he's looked at Apple TV, Roku, Google TV and a number of other content hubs over the past few months and said his favorite is--surprise--the Boxee Box, which is being produced by D-Link. His "whys," however, might surprise you.

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen looks a tad rumpled in a Boxee sweatshirt and jeans as the launch date of the new Boxee Box nears. Speaking to an audience at Streaming Media West, he's both comic and social commentator, poking gentle fun at his company's newest entry into the world of content hubs, while at the same time reminding the audience that the Boxee Box is better than Apple TV, for example, because its open source; but at a disadvantage because it's twice as expensive.

Both have the potential to be game changers but, well, Apple is Apple.

"Frankly, everybody should be scared of Apple in the market, and of Microsoft and Google. They're going to change things. It could be a scenario where Apple does very well, or Google and all the rest do," he says. "It's a huge space and there's many ways to play."

But even as he proclaims Boxee's intent to maintain it's embrace of open source, ("We would not have been able to be here today without the help of the open source community," he says) Ronen also acknowledges it may not take being open to be the eventual winner.