Comcast compensates subscriber for damage from 'exploding' set-top

Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) officials face some negative publicity in the San Francisco area, after a local TV station ran a news story about a subscriber whose Comcast cable set-top exploded after a power surge.

Comcast exploding cable box KGO TV

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The subscriber, Albany, Calif., resident Kay Corlett, called reporters at San Francisco ABC station KGO-TV after she had trouble getting Comcast to replace a TV that was damaged after the set-top exploded in August.

"It was like a firework going off. It startled me so much I came up off my chair," Corlett told the station, adding that her cat, which was on her lap, "took off running."

Through insurance company Liberty Mutual, Comcast sent Corlett a check for $290 to compensate her for a damaged TV after it was contacted by the TV station.

Comcast said that it's not clear what caused the power surge that damaged Corlett's TV. "We could not determine if the surge was caused by the cable box or was caused by a typical power surge incident," Comcast said in a statement it sent to KGO-TV.

Officials at Comcast declined to comment on questions about the reported set-top explosion on Tuesday, including which set-top manufacturer supplied it with the box that was involved in the incident. Comcast deploys set-tops from several manufacturers, including Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO), Motorola Mobility and Pace (LSE: PIC.L).

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