Dish Network trademarks 'Racecar' brand for wireless broadband Internet service

Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) filed a trademark application last week for the brand "Racecar," which the company said could be used for a wireless broadband Internet service.

According to a trademark application filed on Feb. 6, Dish wants the right to use Racecar for several types of telecommunications services, including "wireless telephony and wireless broadband communications services for the transmission of voice, data, graphics and video; wireless broadband communication services; providing Internet access."

Dish said that the Racecar brand could also be used for telephones, smartphones, "mobile telecommunications devices," antennas and satellite dishes, according to the trademark application.

The trademark application was filed about two months after Dish won FCC approval to use Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum that it acquired from TerreStar and DBSD North America to launch a wireless phone and high-speed Internet service.

Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen told Reuters in January that it may be months before the company decides how it will use its 40 MHz of AWS-4 spectrum. "We don't want to sell the spectrum. We'd prefer to be in the wireless broadband business and make a difference to consumers," Ergen said at the Consumer Electronics Show.

While lobbying for FCC approval to use AWS-4 spectrum, Ergen said at a House hearing last June that the company would create "tens of thousands of jobs" if it was allowed to launch a wireless service. Dish also recently submitted a bid to acquire broadband wireless provider Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR)--a move that Wall Street analysts say may be aimed at compelling Clearwire investor Sprint (NYSE: S) to partner with Dish on a wireless service.

Racecar isn't the only brand that Dish may be considering for a wireless phone and broadband Internet service. FierceCable first reported in November 2011 that Dish filed a trademark application for the brand Ollo for use with mobile equipment and services, including mobile phones, tablets and telecom services.

Dish spokesman John Hall declined to comment Monday on the Racecar trademark application. 

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