Time Warner Cable still talking to LIN TV as blackout deadline approaches

With Time Warner Cable's (NYSE: TWC) retransmission-consent agreement with LIN TV set to expire at 5 p.m. ET today, the companies are still attempting to negotiate a deal, TWC spokesman Jon Gary Herrera said Friday morning.

LIN TV began notifying viewers of its ABC, NBC, Fox, NBC, The CW and MyNetworkTV affiliates in 14 markets last week that it would pull its feeds from Time Warner Cable subscribers unless the MSO agreed to pay increased retransmission-consent fees. The broadcaster blacked out TWC subscribers for nearly one month during a similar retrans dispute in 2008.

Herrera said last week that LIN TV is asking Time Warner Cable for a 50 percent increase in fees to carry its stations. Cable subscribers in Texas, New York, Ohio, Alabama, Wisconsin, Virginia, Hawaii and Massachusetts could face a blackout of the LIN TV stations unless the companies are able to hammer out a new deal.

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