Suddenlink teams with Arris to offer Wi-Fi networks to business customers

Suddenlink said it will expand its offerings to business users with Arris' Service Provider Wi-Fi solution. Suddenlink said it will sell the product throughout its 17-state area.

Downsizing download: Tallying the 2015 wireless industry job cuts

Unemployment in the U.S was down to 5.1 percent in September, its lowest since March 2008. Meanwhile, the gross domestic product was up over 3.3 percent.

Comcast says downloads of its Xfinity TV app have increased 60% in the past 7 months

Comcast said downloads of its Xfinity TV multiscreen app have nearly reached 18 million and have increased almost 60 percent in the past seven months.

Comcast partners with programmers to bring short-form Web clips to X1

Comcast announced it launched a "Web" section on its X1 video platform featuring short-form video content from 30 broadcast and cable networks. The move is part of Comcast's continued efforts to aggressively look for ways to reclaim TV audience share that is migrating to online video platforms like YouTube.

Roberts exits thePlatform as unit gets re-aligned under Comcast Wholesale

Marty Roberts will step down as co-CEO of online video publishing unit thePlatform

Comcast has confirmed that Marty Roberts will step down as co-CEO of online video publishing unit thePlatform and that the division will be re-aligned under Matt McConnell, senior VP and GM of Comcast Wholesale.

Charter launches TVE app for Roku

Charter Communications launched its TV Everywhere app for the top-selling OTT streaming device, Roku.

Comcast says additional AllVid gear would add $1.6B a year in consumer energy costs

Comcast said that the actual deployment of the FCC's "AllVid" proposal would cost consumers $1.6 billion each year in additional energy expenses.

NAB blasts Charter's purchase of TWC and Bright House, urges FCC to delay review

The National Association of Broadcasters, the trade group that represents the TV broadcasting industry, is urging the FCC to suspend its review of Charter Communications' proposed purchase of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. The NAB said the FCC should delay its review of the deal while it completes "the long-delayed 2010 and 2014 quadrennial reviews of broadcast ownership rules," NAB said.

Cable One set to roll out 1-gig services starting in November

Cable One will begin rolling out 1-gig Internet services across its footprint, starting in November.

Comcast promises to support third-party HTML5 apps on its X1 platform

Comcast said it is working to support HTML5 apps from third-party vendors on its X1 platform. The company currently supports a handful of third-party services on its X1 -- such as games from EA -- but the company said that adding HTML5 support to X1 will allow it to "support a wider range of third-party apps."

Arris unveils its first DOCSIS 3.1 modems; deploys Moxi on TDS

Arris, the world's largest vendor of in-home cable equipment, launched its first DOCSIS 3.1 modems. The company is selling the new gadgets to both MSOs and directly to consumers.

After 1-day blackout, Dish and Tegna strike long-term retransmission agreement

Dish Network and Tegna announced on Sunday that they reached a long-term TV broadcast retransmission agreement. The companies declined to provide the terms of the deal.

Dish still 'in the driver's seat' with wireless spectrum, analyst firm says

Deutsche Bank analysts Bryan Kraft, Clay Griffin and Sunny Kwak say Dish Network is still "in the driver's seat" in regard to its wireless spectrum assets.

Netflix raises prices by $1, has 'customer love to push the price,' analyst says

Netflix has announced its second major price increase in two years, upping the monthly cost of its most popular streaming service by $1 to $10 a month.

Comcast boosts Internet speeds in a dozen Western states

Comcast has increased Internet speeds on select tiers in a dozen Western U.S. states.

Comcast launches first wave of Xfinity Home third-party integration, promises X1 integration and voice control

comcast xfinity home

Comcast said it is now selling products from third parties that work with its Xfinity Home security and home automation platform. The company announced its intent to integrate third-party products into the offering in May, and today the company said it is now selling its initial batch of integrated products.

SCTE enters 2015 Cable-Tec Expo with clarity of purpose, unclear attendance expectations

Situated in New Orleans next week, will SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo 2015 be able to halt attendance declines, which reached 7 percent last year when the show was based in Denver, right in the heart of cable country? In a conversation with me, SCTE President and CEO Mark Dzuban declined to provide attendance expectations for this year's show. According to Multichannel News, the final attendance tally for last year's event came in at around 9,100, down from 9,800 for the 2013 event, which was held in Atlanta.

Cogent inks TWC to IP interconnection deal, thanks net neutrality

Time Warner Cable and Cogent Communications have jointly announced that they've reached an interconnection deal.

NCTA: There is no need for FCC's DSTAC to produce a CableCard successor for set-tops

The NCTA has urged the FCC to reject calls for a new technology standard aimed at opening the pay-TV set-top market to devices sold at retail.

Who regulates concealed towers and small cells?

As clever tower concealments continue to proliferate, the industry behind this camoflage may need to take a look at who is responsible for regulating these innovative disguises.