Sling TV boasted that its virtual pay-TV platform “had a solid experience” during Sunday night’s season premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Broadcasters like CBS, Fox and NBC are working with the NFL on big changes to broadcasts for next season, including the introduction of split-screen ads.

Streaming TV service FuboTV has added Fusion TV to its $35-per-month entry-level bundle.

AT&T is finding that the "Game of Thrones" series is a useful litmus test for livestreaming technology.

Hulu today switched on 35 more local CBS TV affiliates for its live TV streaming service.

John Stankey, CEO of the AT&T Entertainment Group, is reportedly being tapped as co-CEO of AT&T following the Time Warner merger.

Roku’s long-rumored IPO could finally become a reality later this year.

DirecTV Now users who are among the first AT&T customers to beta test the company’s new video platform this summer will get cloud DVR capabilities.

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