Those who have ditched pay-TV service, or who have never had it at all, are the least satisfied with the streaming video services they use.

Filings by Fox and CBS indicate that FCC Chairman Wheeler is preparing to accept major compromises on his controversial “Unlock the Box” proposal.

Content delivery network provider Limelight is getting a little more competitive in the ongoing battle for CDN customers. is planning to make VR viewing a ubiquitous option for viewers on both livestreamed and on-demand eSports events.

Ericsson is juggling marketing strategy for the IPTV and internet video assets it has collected or developed over the past few years.

FOTV Media Networks plans to make an initial public offering in September at $8 per common share.

As Amazon and Netflix lay out their slates of original content, it’s clear that competition for eyeballs between the two SVOD services is hotter than ever.

Ooyala is challenging out-of-the-box OTT platform providers like JW Player and Zype with its own OTT app creator for media companies, AppStudio.

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