Netflix was stung by “unexpectedly” high customer churn during the second quarter but, according to CFO David Wells, the SVOD giant sees many of those…

The CW television is making its in-season streaming offers exclusive to its own CW-branded digital platforms.

TNT, TBS and CNN are the latest major additions to DirecTV Now following a comprehensive carriage renewal agreement signed between AT&T and Turner Networks…

Analysts for financial company UBS predict Internet-based pay-TV services will have 15 million subscribing U.S. homes by 2020. 

Netflix is proving that you can’t muscle into Hollywood with a $6 billion original content budget without making a few enemies.

A challenging time for Netflix, intense interest in the user experience and user interfaces, and the importance of always-on connectivity were top of mind at…

CBS Corp. chief Les Moonves continues to strike an optimistic tone about his company’s SVOD service acquiring live-streaming rights to NFL games.

As Twitter livestreams its first NFL game, industry experts are, in some cases, still trying to figure out the endgame for the social media provider.

Delivery Agent, which provides t-commerce capabilities to media and entertainment companies, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday.

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