Verizon reported losses of 18,000 Fios TV customers in the third quarter, marking the third straight quarter in which it has lost pay TV subscribers.

CBS recently revealed details about how its upcoming sports streaming service intends to compete and differentiate from others.

Verizon’s attempts to enter the crowded streaming TV marketplace have been thwarted by various issues, but the company may launch next year.

With a market cap of $85.46 billion and an annual content budget of over $7 billion, Netflix is now beyond the competitive punching weight of most traditional…

HBO is digging into its own stable of original series produced for its international channels in order to beef up the catalogs of its U.S. streaming and on-…

Verizon feels that OTT customers shouldn't be blacked out during a retrans impasse and wants the FCC to consider this in reform of the consent process.

Roku plans to launch new video streaming devices in the growing Canadian and Latin American markets.

Republic TV has delivered over 4 million video views of its since it was launched in July.

FierceBroadcasting is tracking third-quarter earnings results from media companies, programmers and broadcasters. 

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